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    SS Random Battle - Dynamax Voting

    Dynamax: Ban
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    SS Random Battle Dynamax Suspect - Voter Identification Thread (READ THE OP!)

    I'm voting for ban, although I will say Dynamax is less obviously broken in randbats and I respect the opinions of the DNBers.
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    Pokémon Dracovish

    ^Seems reasonable. Vish's last two moves after Rend/Crunch are so situational anyway, I don't hate hedging towards the occasional dynamax.
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    SPOILERS! Pokemon Sword & Shield Pre-Release SPOILERS - Check Post 2!

    Expanding to the Nat Dex, I nominate Ho-Oh for best Hazard Boots user. It's already an upper-tier Uber when it has to worry about 50% rocks, and it's going to be a complete menace when it can switch around with impunity.
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    Metronome Battles

    Awww. Can the validation check peek at the user's ELO? If so we could do "1300+ needs to have nicknames", or some other threshold where the player is serious (or as seriously as metronome battles get) and has been grinding for a bit.
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    Metronome Battles

    I'm doing quite well (just peaked!) with Flame Body steel types, which I haven't seen a whole lot of. It doesn't always proc, but an early-ish burn doing 40-60% and -2ing attack is such a massive advantage it's probably worth the variance. Steel (Magearna) (M) @ Weakness Policy Ability: Flame...
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    Metronome Battles

    You jerks banned my Abomasite mid ladder climb. :pirate: I'd support a Magearna ban. And while it has more counterplay, imo Spirit is a little centralizing and should be "nerfed" down to MSable.
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    Pokemon Sun/Moon Random Battle sets

    Shadow Ball should be the first moveslot for Z-Conversion Porygon-Z sets. (Or if we're randomizing the Z-Conversion type, Shadow Ball shouldn't be a requirement.)
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    Pokemon Sun/Moon Random Battle sets

    Suggestion: Magnet Rise Klefki is a gimmick, but not a terrible one and can catch some would be counters with their pants down. Good enough for randbats imo! Klefki @ Leftovers Ability: Prankster EVs: 84 HP / 84 Atk / 84 Def / 84 SpA / 84 SpD / 84 Spe Bold Nature IVs: 0 Atk - Magnet Rise -...
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    Ladder Anything Goes

    Frost Breath is a stronger attacking move on Glalie, since it ignores SpD boosts from the opponent and therefore gives you the edge in the Moody Mirror/Baton Pass team.
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    Ladder Anything Goes

    Eh, having any clause in the designated "Do Whatever" tier just feels, for lack of a better term, aesthetically unpleasing and inappropriate. Like a crayon illustration for a Bible. And there's certainly things already in the tier no one particularly wants to sit through either...
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    Ladder Anything Goes

    It feels a bit... unfitting that Endless Battle clause is still active in the "Do whatever the hell you want" tier. There's other comparably annoying things to do that are far more consistent and easier to pull off than the Leppa-Heal Pulse trap, which has a ton of conditions to work properly...
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    Mega-Salamence: considering a quick ban (Don't ask for the thread to be closed!)

    I'm actually scared of killing things without U-Turn or Volt Switch, because my opponent's Mega-Mence then gets a free turn to Sub/DDance.
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    Pokémon Kangaskhan

    +2 252+ Atk Parental Bond Mega Kangaskhan Return vs. 252 HP / 252+ Def Slowbro: 360-424 (91.3 - 107.6%) +2 252+ Atk Parental Bond Mega Kangaskhan Return vs. 252 HP / 252+ Def Alomomola: 445-523 (83.3 - 97.9%) So probably not, and definitely not if rocks are on the field or if they've taken any...
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    [QC Ready 2/3] Kangaskhan

    252+ Atk Kangaskhan Return vs. 4 HP / 0 Def Gengar: 223-264 (85.11 - 100.76%) -- 81.25% chance to OHKO after Stealth Rock Making Gengar an uncertain switch-in is certainly more valuable than semi-reliable sleep protection.