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  • Well for ones that have (OT) in them, it means that if you get it from me, you can trade it, but anyone who gets it from you cannot trade it, plus its thesame deal with the shiny togekiss and nidoking
    You can pick any of them except the celebi's, my timid hp ice gengar, my sassy snorlax and ones that say no redis
    Yep pick 4 from my main sections, then 6 from the redistributables in the spoilers
    Ok, let's see...I'll give you four of mine, and then 6 of the fully redistributables I have, so just pick them and give me a list :)
    Well like I said, I can give you a couple of my pokes + some smogon redistributables to get you started
    Do you use power items when breeding? And if you want to start a thread, I can give you a couple pokes to get started...I don't rng abuse myself, but my pokes are still pretty good if I may say so :p
    I don't play much UU... Blastoise and lapras are there since I have nothing else to replace them.... they're really part of my monotype team... arcanine has iron head over iron tail due to better accuracy+ flich hax.... pikachu is an experiment at the moment... only use since light ball+ok attack+volt tackle can equal good damage if it outspeeds... shiftry... again... have nothing else to fill its shoes... may make new set... and EV it correctly... extrasensory is worth keeping somewhat but the only real purpose faint attack serves (basically none) is to hit things with STAB like haunter which is immune to other attacks.
    Lapras+Feraligatr+Blastoise is redundant. Choose 1.

    Arcanine-What purpose is Iron Head serving? He cannot dream of OHKOing Rock pokemon with it. Magnet is inferior to Expert Belt, and Life Orb/Leftovers is preferable. Decide what role Arcanine is filling on your team, he can run a variety of builds.

    Pikachu-He needs support to switch in safely. Sleep, Encore, etc. can help gain free switches.

    Shiftry-Extrasensory and Faint Attack are not viable moves. You'll probably want to build a new Shiftry from scatch if you're determined to use him.
    Was Arcanine holding King's Rock?

    Would you like help with your team? To be honest, it is very, very imbalanced.
    That was the haxiest battle I've had in a long time. 6+ flinches against Hariyama, no turn sleep against Pikachu, and negative turn sleep and a crit from Shiftry in the same turn (why are you running Early Bird?).
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