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  • No worries, as I said I'm not trying to rush you since it's a holiday week and such. And an hour isn't late at all, go PST. Thanks.
    Hey, I'm wondering what the progress on my Gastly are? If you're not done, no worries, I just want to know what the progress is.
    Thanks for the VM. I'm putting a couple kids to sleep right now, but I'll see if you're still on when that ordeal is finished. :)
    yeahh...ill do that, ill start surely tommorow, since i cant be with m ds on the computer...when i can ill start xD

    and just to know, when you are RNG abusing, can you save and turn off the power?? or do you need to make the whole process?? or can just the DS be closed?
    ohh ok, ive just watched the calibration video....i dont understand what a seed is, could you tell me that plz??
    ohh and i dont think ill breed shinies since i hate them....i dont lkie working for something i dont want...
    ohh, but i was told i needed chaining for shiny eggs, and i can´t chain, its far too hard, but ill look for his videos, ty.
    hey, guess what, i downloadedthe RNG reporter, now i got to try it.....i barely understand what is written... :(
    Oh sorry lol

    for the shiny one, Shadow Ball / Thunderbolt / Focus Blast / Trick
    for the naive one, shadow ball / HP ground / explosion / focus blast

    ohh i cant get on a chat, and dot worry, take any time you want to answer, but to start to build a team lets say standart, no RD.

    well, first you have to choose a pokemon to base your team around.
    there are 2 ways:
    1-make a team to support that poke and make him ready to battle knoking down his counters.
    2-select a poke and just start from him and treat him as any other member.

    so for the first step choose one of those(the first is usually better), and thenchoose a pokemon,OU's and BL's are recommended.
    Before I forget:
    I want Obama to have Blizzard / Energy Ball / Focus Blast / Shadow Ball
    And for Walrein to have Protect / Sub / Toxic / Surf

    well, i can help you, whats that pokemon?

    also i was writing a team building guide before vacations, but didnt finish it yet, so i need to wait till i get a computer for
    ill help you with your team now, but if you need to learn the "BASICS" i can say you where you can find a guide on serebii.

    i say "BASICS" because those are the basics, but the guide is incredibly long, and just teaches basics...
    Then I'll get someone else to clone it. It's fine.

    Thanks for the EVings.

    Now to not be too lazy to update my thread. >_>
    Alright awesome. I'd also like 6 copies of the Snover back.

    You have no idea how much you're saving me. xD I signed up for a secret santa, I RNG abused something earlier today but I got the wrong frame. :( Since breeding is hard, I have no time to re-do it.
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