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  • mmmk, I'm going to give you my Bold shiny Sealeo and a shiny Modest Snover. I was wondering if you could get Snover done ASAP? I was wanting to give it as a gift to some people for Christmas...
    yeahh, i heard there was a metalkid one, but im too lazy to search for it, and that it had problems. this one looks incredible, i read a short introduction and says things about putting movesets...thatd be great xd.
    yeah...ill see what it is about...sadly i dont have patience...but ill do it.
    and btw, did you heard smogon has his own damage calculator? that will be so usefull when making and rating teams xd.
    actually sharing a thread doesnt mean anything, it just helps because the thread is bumped even more.
    and trade partners share what they get.

    and i got redis too, and since still i can't RNG, hopefully be able to start by january second, im working on getting eggs, you should do that, it will help so much.
    hey, hows it going, im starting to get pokemons for the thread, obviously none are mine, but ill surely get eggs that will have my own OT, and ID, so that's be great.
    how are you doing?
    and just to know, are we gonna be trade partners or just share a thread?
    thanks for cloning celebi! even though wifi was being glitchy. Thanks for the deoxys too iv been searching for days =.=
    I can't trade right now because my parents are forcing me to try out new games to see if they are any good as Christmas presents for relatives.

    Unless the pokemon is semi-redis or redis like my emerald trio or shiny dusknoir, respectively, you can't redis them.
    What would you like to EV and how many credits per pokemon? I usually pay 1 credit per pokemon EVed.
    It seems you're at another thread so I'll also reply here.

    I can give you LF's flawless Ditto. Respond back when you can trade!
    I FORGOT TO GIVE YOU BACK YOUR HO-OH?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!!!!!!!

    It's still in my party... :(
    With so much going on, I do the same thing often. Thanks so much for training. I'll put you down for 10 credits on my front page. You're probably wise waiting to use your credits, cuz before long, I'll have TOOOOONS more stuff in my shop. ;)
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