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  • HAHA! And which show of his are you going to? Rofl Hugendugen's sister is like 16 this year and I'm 20, farrk that lol! Much rather go for the 21-23 year olds I've been hitting up lately! Ask me that question again in 10 years though and I'm sure my answer will be different haha. Iirc Folgorio is pretty young as well though (even though he looks old haha), which begs the question - how old are you?
    I have no craving based on race but I do have cravings for a hot (preferably blonde) gymnast to fall out of the sky and somersault into my bed. Didn't go to Nicki minaj cause I dislike her music and might go to Ed Sheeran, except he sold out in Sydney :/ wbu?
    Random as haha, but I approve of any bisexual activity from a female! That reminds me, I need to tell you about my Saturday night! I wouldn't want my Gillard Julia'd, she's a troll of a woman but yeah when I have sex with a Kiwi girl I'll come up with something similar :). And wow it's so true lol but are you really that surprised? I mean it IS smogon after all haha!
    what the fuck is a chinkport? airport you mean? lol

    >me good at ethics
    you must be new

    and temptation is about to lose them for abuse
    Chinkport? Why are you in China? League > union so your aussie ex knows his shit haha but Basketball and gridiron > league! Kind of the most American Aussie in existence here!
    i had left a message in my chan for you if you didn't see it, you were already off irc by the time i got your message and got on
    I've seen it before but their ponies aren't cute so no, not really. All I remember was that one of the chicks from the original girls got hit by a train or something in real life? Do you watch Rugby union btw? Haha.
    Only if you treat it well and use it properly. Oh and only if I can pound your Maori drums ;)!!!
    I thought so. Your Maori name is adorable.

    Yeah it's Yamagi wogi wogi but my friends just call me Nigel which is Latin for Black.
    A bit of both to be honest, my horse hung dick has been around from birth, and ponies are adorable and it's not at all gay to like them.

    Is your name Anna because your parents named you that or is it because your real name is horrible and unpronounceable. Be honest.
    well let's just say that shit went down. badly.

    which means that I (and pretty much everyone who was cool from PO) migrated to smogon for battling as well
    well i'm gmt -3 and i can play any time between 10:00-13:00 and 17:00-22:00 in this timezone, but starting next week i won't be able to play after 17:00
    what...i don't dislike chinese people....that's probably only true in china, never been there. going to bed, sweet dreams.
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