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  • Scofield was last seen: Viewing thread SPL 8 - Logs & Replays, Today at 12:23 PM

    I see you

    How goes the search for girls with daddy issues
    I'll help you be cool when I change careers into dating coach =)
    Oh no do you have pickup videos on youtube
    Only on my laptop atm...not quite sure the world is ready for those yet.
    that one outer tho, didnt know you were still trying to be the next daniel negreanu
    only the 2nd time i played in the last year...had to take a break from boats and hoes
    I think you know the answer already ^_^.

    I actually had all my logs from World Cup when you asked me. I just never sent them to you just to mess with ya.

    My logs on PO2 never save though so I legitimately don't have those. McMeghan and others have the same problem so it's the truth! I can send you the World Cup ones at long last to make up for it though, lol.

    Also, I'm an official Ruiner now right?
    I did for the first two rounds and changed for the third, where I got critical hit twice and missed a Fire Blast, prompting me to forfeit :P. Your team was fun to use though. Scarf Roserade is a B055.

    Almost as annoying as my Saturday experience where it was 1-1, my Starmie under Reflect vs. Scarf Flygon. Flygon hits 2 outrages and never confuses afterwards and then critical hits through Reflect and KOes Starmie.

    damn dude, that sucks. I need to start playing poker again. Go read some poker books and become the boss
    that's surprising, i thought you would've wanted a little bit of yourself in rachel or jenny

    -NickServ- Scofield is Jack Fuschia
    -NickServ- Last seen time: Aug 16 01:43:33 2012 CDT
    I'll be honest man, I laughed so hard when you said you weren't going to make a long post in WCoP, then got Phil like a minute later by posting that long ass post (which, by the way, I read all of!) haha.

    Big congrats for finally getting your two trophies you have tried so long and hard to get, Scofield!
    Haven't seen you in a while. I remember when you were a moderator of's been so long since then. Hope you're doing well.....

    And no, you probably won't remember me, I guess.....
    Yeah, a lot of people have pointed out the similarities between my team and yours recently and I'm surprised I didn't notice it myself earlier given that I used to use your team a lot when I was still picking up the game. I never really got why you used Sludge Bomb over Toxic Spikes though, since it only really hit Infernape. iirc standard Infernape at the time was nasty plot mixape which just gets walled by Vaporeon anyway.

    Jellicent actually looks really nice for patching-up the defensive Starmie problem and spinblocks way better too. Thanks for the suggestion!
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