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  • Allright....I'm sorry though man I just really didn't wanna sub and phil was telling me i wasnt gona LIKE 2 DAYS BEFORE DEADLINE so i hada act fast. im sorry i didnt talk to you that i think about it i definately should have you coulda talked to phil about it....i blame the adhd
    I would not have left unless I 100% felt like I was not gona be starting, Phil and yee told me I was sub
    woooooh dont say that man, I DID ALL OF THOSE, I said phil let me n ws do like a bo5 for it then he made this "everybody plays against eachother 3 times" but none of the people were on to do it then like 2, 3 days ago yee told me indra got the last spot and that it was definite...mannn i don't want no tension n bs. It really wasnt seeming like I was gonna start
    Look if i was a sub i wouldnt be doing shit and after last year i felt like I shoulda started, phil started all these newcomers over me how is that having respect.
    all in good time gl with WCoP wish I had time for it maybe next year, I'll try get on irc and hangout with you US west guys, also thanks for believing in me even though koko is trying to make me out to be a fake girl. Did I tell you my real name? I'm not sure, anyways I'll be adding alice to prove I'm real <3 also I can't believe you made me finish the hunger games I'm still sad fuck gale I was team peeta from the start also the 3rd book got sooooo dark, also watch this show called awkward. it's so good, try gossip girl for me please also, homeland is going to turn out shit it'll either be too short like dollhouse or go too long like prison break. Other things are pretty little liars is going boring so is vampire diaries, the white stake plot is fucking boring as fuck. Revenge is still amazing also when do signups close for WCoP
    I finished all 3 books in the hunger games :) find me a new thing to do and don't say your penis or game of thrones, I'm more craving something along homeland. Also is breakout kings any good it's from the makers of prison break but I'm not 100%
    Firstly you went out with 4 chicks at the same time??? and I'll pm you pics later
    nvm that was whistle, I really miss old school grand ballad taylor swift e.g. love story. The less country more pop kind night <3 hope you're californian dreaming
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