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  • My Internet was out still, I will be on tonight if it does not go out, otherwise I guess you get activity win because of my shitty internet. Also for future matches if your time is EST like I think... Remember your GMT -6 not -4. Because that really throws ppl off to have the wrong timezones :(
    Ok cool cause my Internet has been down for the past 2 hours anyways x_x. I am available between like 11am and 2pm tomorrow my time or late that night (like 10-11pm). Let me know if that works. Also will be on from like 8-12 pm tonight if Internet works
    hey, am now gmt -5 and should be on around 4, let me know if that works. or if you want we can do tomorow
    err... that is still during work hours for me, I generally cant do before like 6 or 7pm my time
    Hey, we have each other for uu tour, gmt -6, let me know when your available to battle
    I don't like to much music of one genre, I tend to like single songs. I'm a sucker for daft punk and katy perry, though

    I like whatever movies I like, lol
    That is so cool .0. My schools can't put on a good play, and there was only one play I lead in because all the other ones sucked and was cancelled -.-;; I planned to go to a Performing Arts school for high school, but I moved to a different city, so I couldn't go ;-; But it's weird how much we have in common!
    Thank you! And, lol, whenever I'm about to amcheck something, I always refresh my page to make sure no one is there first, and usually you already have it done @-@ And I just skim it for stuff because I'm bored
    Hey just a small thing to keep in mind, but I saw that you commented on your amcheck of OU Tangrowth that OHKOd is wrong, which is true, but the correct term is OHKOed not OHKO'd.
    Omg, you are a fast amchecker @-@ GIVE SOMEONE ELSE A CHANCE!!!!
    Kidding .3. You're doing a really nice job with the AmChecks; I can already see you as a GP soon! (Well, I'm not GP, just an amchecker, so what do I know o3o)
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