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  • I'm not that active on smogon anymore, sorry. I hang around Team Neutral occasionally, but its more akin to loitering, honestly.
    I am very happy to form an alliance with the SSIS. I thank you and wish for both of us to have many future prospects.

    You can go about anyway with this alliance, as you see fit. I will also inform Battlestar about this.
    The Services we provide are highly advanced and useful research skills. Although we can do almost anything that has been set too us, that is what we specialize in. Unlike simple divisions we at IMI are full blown Professors and can provide all most any need. Although we do need a little more support once we have gained our needed resources we can become an extremely valuable external information source out side the SSIS. I hope I have persuade you a little.
    I tried but you have maximum group ownership atm, so I guess I'll just try to get people in whenever possible. I invited Lincoln.
    If you don't mind, I have been struck by the inability to be very active for the next few weeks, so can I temporarily transfer the group back to your ownership while I'm unable to post?
    You have been accepted into the IMI. I hope your presence will bring us much future prospect.

    Also, the SSIS is an ally of the TRC no? the TRC is one of our allys and we wish to be partners with the SSIS as a external information source. As well as providing you with our services. In return we would like the support of the SSIS and use of it's resources. Thank you.
    Thanks. I have always wanted to be a teacher. It may not have good pay, but I am noot in it for the money.

    Good luck with the engineering though. That's too much math for me ._.
    You mean other then the fact I havent been on Smogon for a month because school, sport and Nervial writing has stolen most of my time from me?
    Then it is great :P
    (Seriously; Year 11 will be the death of me >_<)
    Well looks like proto man is joining another.

    How the life changes so fast. For now I suggest find any squad you can and just be active.
    However if you can find about 3 members to serve under you, you can make your own squad. Check the thread for everything you need.
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