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  • Hi, can you play now? I´ll enter Smogon if you want but I would pefer to play in a server with a smaller number of users because my conexion this week is very bad and due to that I have a terrible lag in greats servers like Smogon/PO.
    Are you Dzekoo3 in Smogon? If you are Dezkoo3, I´m talking you since 10 minutes ago, but you dind´t reply. I have to study now, see you later!
    Hey, my timezone is GMT+2.
    Today I could battle, but maybe not late, but mostly I have time. What are your times?
    Go to bed, I'll look for a computer with PO in the meanwhile so we can do it when you get back ^^
    i love you baby and if its quite alright i need you baby to hold me through the night i want to love you baby let me loooove yooooou!!!!

    (ps: what is that naruto game you are playing?)
    hi we got paired for uh good ou tour thing. are you free to play on friday after/before the tour? thats by far the easiest times for me so let me know!
    looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool nice nice... not bad.
    hi, I saw your last activity was an hour ago so I was wondering if you still where on because I can battle now
    I could battle now, but my computer just crashed with my team. So I'm remaking it;
    Normally it isn't a problem but from some EV's I'm not quit shure that they where the way I made them now, so just going to test it some more.

    I can battle tomorrow, in the noon, and the day after that (the whole day)...
    Hopefully you can too, because after that day I'm leaving on vacation for a week
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