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  • Hi noobiess, please make sure that "Final Submission" is the first line of your post for it to be an eligible final submission post!
    You'll need to upload your design to a non-blacklisted site for your submission to be eligible!
    Thank you for the heads up!
    I'm pretty bad at these kind of stuff but I think I fixed it ;-)
    Thanks! Yeah, it looks good now.
    Ey bro we used to talk on shoddy back in the day thought imma hit you up how you doing G love and peace respect
    why does your sig link to an old, locked thread? @_@ do you have a new thread at all?
    Yeah sorry, I should make a new sig. That's an ancient art thread of mine!
    You are not a noobies.
    Actually I still kind of am. I think this is my third of fourth 3D model or so ^^

    Anyway, changed the link to the Obj-file. Hopefulyl it will work now :)
    hey man, just wanna say that I'm glad you went with your submarine plasma globe and that it's a really fun and witty design :D
    Good luck with the polls.
    I think you have a big chance of winning!
    I did see the project before I started it on serebii, and I did read the rules since I was planning to contribute but it was never my intention to 'steal the rules' of your project.
    You might know that I'm also active on this forum, and I know about smogon liking to do quality control.
    And when i think about it, I probably got that idea from smogon because I like the concept of it.
    But I never had in mind to copy your rules when I was making the thread.
    I'm sorry if it offended you in any way, because it certainly wasn't the intention.
    And good luck with your project, the sprites look amazing!
    (sorry for the long text, somehow I can't help it ^^)
    Hiya noobiess!

    Would it be possible for you to re-upload your Cupra and Argalis sprites from Aurumoth's prevo work? I've just noticed they have expired on Iaza and are no longer viewable. I can sort out arrangements for new links to be added/edited for them!

    Sorry about your sprite getting disqualified. I think someone should have let you know that your sprite didn't meet the requirments though.
    I'm kind of bummed out about not being able to finish my sprite, but honestly I thought Wyverii's was the obvious choice to begin with.
    I'm posting this here because I didn't want to flood your thread :3
    I suggest switching your female shiny sprite (the "neon" green apple) with the dark red apple. This way there would be a little more consistency in the sprites:

    Male: Yellow-Golden
    Female: Red
    Shiny Male: Yellow-Green
    Shiny Female: Dark Red

    Just so there's more consistency! ^_^
    Your new sprites have totally gotten my vote, the new apple colors have won it over for me.
    Love your Lambush! It's my favourite design out there actually (Also the name is great, Lamb + Bush + Ambush XD). Is it intentional when you spell certainly as "sertainly"? Just wondering about that.
    I've actually been looking into CAP to maybe reboot my passion. It worth it?
    I've been good. You?

    Sorta stopped spriting though :( I've been trying to get back into it.
    Lambush-mon has my vote, and for the record i think Lambush would actually be the perfect name for it lol. :)
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