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  • Yeah, wyverii's sprite looks awesome.
    Maybe they all overlooked it, that's why they didn't say maybe ^^
    Are you going to make a submission for the sprite of Malaconda?
    I hope you do because I really enjoyed the ones of the prevo's of aurumoth!
    Eh I like how Master Ball looks with Shiny Kyogre. I guess Premier could have gone with it but all the preparations involved with level 70(or 80?) Smeargle(s) due to only 7 badges.

    That and Master Ball means I can record the encounter and capture easily in one take. I would have had a video for my Registeel actually but I dropped the phone right at the end of the video before ending it, causing it to not save. -___-
    If you tape it the battery doesn't move. When the cart is closed up there is very little vertical space to move around.

    Huh, I never thought about this before but on the top cover of the cart on the inside there's an indentation for the battery. If something small were to be stuck there I think that would help out a bit. Sometimes it's hard to get the battery to make contact.

    I haven't had the battery ever move out of place once it was in though.
    I used electrical. You don't need much actually. Duct tape would leave residue behind that would cause problems.
    Just thought I'd let you know that I RNG'd my new Latias on Emerald successfully on only the 4th try :) thanks again for your help!
    I used tape. I ended up buying another battery for my other cart (well at first I thought the battery in Emerald was dead but it wasn't) and it was thinner than the original. Had a hard time getting it to connect.

    Tape makes it easier if you're trying for the same spread repeatedly.

    If the battery in the cart still works you can just separate the battery from the top arm contact. When you want the battery to be "dry" you can slide in a piece of paper or something to keep the circuit open. By not separating the battery from the bottom arm contact it makes it easier to keep the battery in place and still have the circuit closed.
    If you have Pokémon Box Ruby and Sapphire you can force Method 4 on certain stationary Pokémon. I had the Regis always M4, and Rayquaza was about 50/50 M4 (more so on my Ruby cart than my Sapphire cart), while Southern Island Lati@s was M1, along with Kyogre/Groudon. Also it seemed to be more likely if I encountered it immediately after loading the save so I simply waited at the menu where you choose the save until the time came.

    Because of that I was able to capture a hex-flawless shiny Naive Rayquaza on it (loaded a backup of the game on my Wii, close enough to retail imo...). Transferring 210+ Luxury Balls sucked big time though. PRNG seeding for the R/S ROMs uses the RTC value of the GBA cart. The R/S ROM runs a bit slower than on a GBA... I was about 3000 frames short after about 580k frames compared to GBA.
    hey I don't know if you saw my 2nd post in the RNG help thread about Emerald rng and EonTimer but what should I do about the "Lag" box? it's just 0 for now. I think I read somewhere that there's supposed to be a 3 in there...thanks again for your help!
    Finally found my exact RTC value! Time to get into action. Any tips you yourself can offer?
    Just in case we don't get to talk, thanks for pointing those out, I'll get on it soon. I kind of rushed the end of that article because I was clearing out the backlog of stuff I had to wrote so I could write another article :-x
    The minutes value given by the program is the amount of times the minute is increased, not an actual value like you desrcibed.
    I see... I was starting to think about that. Particularly how the RTC handles leap years and stuff like that. Hm..
    v = (1440 * d) + (960 * th) + (60 * uh) + (16 * tm) + um;
    x = floor(v / 65536);
    I call x the seed cycle since since it stays constant as the seeds increase from 0000 to ffff, and then it increments by one.
    BAM! Figured out how to target seeds, I'm pretty sure. I created a program that takes care of the seed to time thing, so now all I have to do is, well, use it.
    Even with the program, though, you can't get around the one-month wait.
    I've kinda given up again, but I wouldn't mind seeing some of those notes you had in the end on the dreaded alive battery abuse.
    Your trees look fine. My next guess is you may have missed the frame? Investigating this further...
    My first guess is that maybe the tree you're slathering is actually a Munchlax tree. Do you have your ID/SID and the tree you're working with?
    All I actually do is find what seed I have and leave it on while I look up a spread. If there isn't a near flawless one, I reset before going for it.
    Missed my only 7 frames.
    I can feel this being done sooner than I expected.
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