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  • Some sort of project. I'll either go for just shiny as proof of concept or some good IV's.
    Well I still have the battery. I can put it back in the Ruby game (or the Sapphire game) when I think I'm ready to try live battery abuse. I would be able to abuse ID/SID with dead battery then use live battery for a spread.

    Thanks for the help. Thankfully I have some other excel document with a custom formula for an xor function among other things as I know very little about Visual Basic.
    Hello may I ask you a question? How do you find a shiny ID/SID combo that works for a particular PID in R/S dead battery? I've recently purchased both Ruby and Sapphire and both have dead batteries (well I removed it for the Ruby game as I want to do dead battery abuse but Sapphire came dead) and while I know how to abuse for an ID/SID I do not know how to search for one that will work for me. I have some spreads that I want to use already (particularly that Brave 31/30/31/24/30/0 one w/ PID of 5698B52B). Thanks.

    Edit: Nvm shiny Groudon is butt-ugly. I'd much prefer Impish 31/31/31/26/30/4 (PID 075AB1C2). I'll try to whip something up in excel that can calculate the shinyness for a large series of ID/SID combos. Are the ID/SIDs generated on subsequent frames? Like ID on frame 1000 then SID on frame 1001?
    Yeah I saw what you said about that, but without data I can't really investigate :S

    I wasn't around to know how inheritance works, but it could possibly just be multiple vBlanks that borked your result.

    If you've still got notes on it, you can PM me the info about your target frames and the resulting things you hit. I'll gladly look at it and see what happened!
    Just doing a bit of lurking....

    OD's mewtwo was a super-rare vBlank that occurred in between the PID/IV creation. Like, really rare! We're not able to predict the frequency and occurrence of vBlanks, but we know what causes em.

    OD misinterpreted the information and thought Stationary mon's conformed to H. We made em confirm the contrary last night just so he could believe it :P I've been pushing to get rid of Method 1/2/4 (shove em into Stationary and Gift categories for H/J/K) because that's what they're used for.

    I'll talk to OD about adding the Alternate Inheritance (vblank occurring in between base IVs and the inheritance), and maybe it'll make it into the next version.
    Breeding in Ruby? In my experience in Emerald alternate inheritance has come up three times out of my 20 or so breeds. One out of the three times it was really persistent though.

    Alternate inheritance is caused by something called vBlanks. I have no clue what causes them but apparently it happens when the drawing function falls behind or something like that. I think there might be more info about them in the research thread or you can ask Bond or Kaphotics.

    As for Ruby I have no idea, sorry.
    I saw you talking about egg inheritance in the RNG research thread and I think this could help. Apparently in the main RNG article on-site Alternate Inheritance in Emerald uses the inherited IVs from the next frame. So if you hit frame 10000 (29/4/24/B/A/A) the inherited IVs would be from frame 10001. Frame 10001 in standard inheritance is 13/B/22/A/5/B, making 10000 alternate 29/B/24/A/22/B. I believe the IVs come from two frames before standard inheritance (frame 9998).
    Transferring from 3rd gen emulator to retail cart can be done one of two ways:
    1) A DS flash cart w/ the app GBA Backup Tool. That tool can dump/restore saves, as well as dump the ROM itself. I believe you need to dump the ROM first to dump saves though. So you simply dump your save, trade the pokemon over the emu (VBAlink can do trades), then restore the save to the cart.

    2) A certain DS emulator can handle Pal Parking. However I hear that it can assign the wrong Pal Park trash bytes so I don't bother with this method anymore.
    wow dude, thank you for this, im actually doing a Careful Registeel (Emerald lol) then, i might start doing some practices. thanks. :D
    Ok, I thought egg abuses were treated the same time as for stationary pokemon.
    Ok thank you, to be honest, I personally collect rare 3rd gen stuff, not for battles :p.
    I was referring to Emulator, anyways good job on it, I don't think its for trade no?
    Yikes. I got it 8 years ago.
    I'd personally rather the battery die but it would be nice to try a bit more before it goes out.
    I looked back to DMP mark 12 where you posted that Groudon.
    I think we're doing different things; my method's more limited.
    It's tough to describe; I may post it in the research thread eventually but it's such a long process that I doubt anyone would do it (though it uses only the game itself which is nice.) I'm doing it for a challenge.
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