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  • Are you gonna participate in CAP 10 - Sprite Submissions?
    You are watching the thread, I hope you win.
    Actually, what I would suggest is simplifying it, rather than adding stuff. :0 Because as I'm sure you know, a lot of Pokemon are basically just simplified, cartoonized versions of real animals, sometimes with an extra element or two added... that's what I would suggest for you to do. simplify the design, and add something to it that says 'I can shock the crap out of you'. LOL... hope that helps.
    I didn't say this on the forum, because I'm pretty sure I'd have gotten banned for it, but I think you need to know-- your CAP art entry just doesn't look like a Pokemon. Understand, I'm not trying to put your art down, but it just... doesn't. You need to change SOMETHING with it to give it that Pokemon-esque feel, instead of the current recolored-IRL fish feel it has right now. =\

    Sorry if that's kind of harsh, but I hope it helped.
    yeahh, that's the only thing left about victreebel xD
    still, I'll do it later... remaking outlines is pretty hard....

    I hope I soon can be able to make fusions lol
    jejeje, I've been doing some art, and this is hwat I've done, what do you think of this:


    what do ou think? I'm specially proud of the lapras one xD.
    I don't know how to add transparent background lol.
    and also, dragonair has a bad outline because of a mistake i made... it was my first sprite of all time, but then I undrstood some things better xD
    Wow, Thank you alot, I'm sure It will be great.
    btw, I think your snorlax is much better than starmie.
    I guess it's becasue I hate starmies, and like snorlaxes, and thats the positoin I always imagined he had to be.
    like if you saw her diving, with her head going down, something like that i guess.
    , but only the head, not all the body.

    btw, your avatar is the starmie you made right?
    I realy havn't seen your coworkers exept for when they signed up and made 1 sprite each ö
    And thanks for that.
    If you can do somthing would be awsome, a lapras wich looks like swimming... I then tought why animate it? So could you just make a lapras? In a pose like swimming.
    Thank you alot, I owe you 2 already. xD tried to teach me to sprite... ö
    hey, I'm unsure about this is the good way to ask, but your serebii art shop seems....dead.
    So I decided to ask you here.
    I'm just asking to see if you could do an animation with a made from scratch sprite... could you? thank you alot if you can, if not, well too bad.
    great thnx....
    its a thread you open to trade pokes with other guys, go to the wifi setion there re hundrds there. thank you alot.
    hey, i tried the spriting, guess what....i turned to be an epic fail... ;(
    so i'd like to ask you something, i'll be opening a trade thread here on smogon pretty soon, and decided it'd look great with sprites made from scratches, and decided to ask you if i could use yours, since you're making alot.

    Btw, the snorlax one is the best of looks perfect...
    well, mainly start from scratches, but some advice in general, since i dont have even a clue about this.
    Do I look liek an expert XD
    I can try but I actually didn't learn it the 'official' way, so maybe i'm doing it completely wrong.
    but what do you want to learn. There are many choses: revamps (making old sprites look new), recoloring, retypes, scratches (sstart from scratch :p), reposes. Or just some advise in general?
    hey noobies, remember me?

    just wanted to know how to sprite, since you look like an expert.
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