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  • im gmt -8, big difference : /
    do you have school/work? i do so it may be hard for us to get on at the same time in the week if you do
    Can you battle in about 15 minutes? I just realized I completely forgot to make a team, and I can have it finished by then.
    My PO is on the fritz right now. I'm trying to get it to work, but may not be able to. If I can't, I will certainly forfeit.
    ik ben nu online op de middlecup server. ff mijn teams omzetten naar shoddy 1 en ik ben klaar (ze zijn allemaal pokelab files nu...)
    Vandaag gaat niet lukken, morgen moet ik tot 5 uur werken, dus 6 uur kan niet (7 uur kan wel als dat lukt). Maandag en dinsdag ook rond 7 uur, dus zeg het maar.

    Deze week overigens met vrienden weg geweest, flink gezopen en lol getrapt, dus vandaar ;)
    Oke, gebruik je IRC, das wel zo makkelijk om contact te houden? Anders zal ik shoddy wel aanzetten
    Jep, hollander hier. Ik ga maandag t/m vrijdag op vakantie, dus dan kan ik niet. Misschien zondagavond? Anders het weekend daarop? Ik ben dan meestal wel online rond 7 uur.

    Just hoping your not a french belgian now...
    oh boy. its going to be a lot of fun coordinating times with you! haha. we should play on the weekend. how long can you stay up? (im gmt -8 btw)
    hi. i am your opponent for the lc tournament. i think i have a team so shoot me a vm when youre ready to play. good luck!
    Ohh lol. AT shadings I'm not that good, and at making the bright part, I'm worse, then I have to find the pose and stuff, I'm gonna try to do other stuff before I go into CAP sprites, maybe in about 5 months, when the next poke is out, I'll try.
    Well, the other ones are extremelly well done, but yours too, and if they ask a small size, yours is the one with the best details I've seen. The other ones impress a bit more just because of their size.

    And now, I won't play, I can't scratch yet. It's too hard.
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