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  • Hey man, we need to play for the Switch Off Your Mind Tournament. What timezone are you in and when are you available to play the most?
    Hello, I'd like to inform you that, if you don't PM me your Strikeout Pokémon for the Round 1 of Strikeout Tournament: Black/White edition within approximately 20 hours, you are going to be replaced with a substitute.
    make sure to reply to waterwizard, its ok if you're unable to battle just tell me now so I can sub someone in. Thanks!
    Hey! We can go ahead and battle sometime this week. I'll be available anytime this week.
    I'm available on weekdays usually 4:30 or later gmt-8. I usually get out of baseball prac then, but a game might push it to 6 before I can get on. When I'm available, I'm always on irc, so you should shoot me a pm and well play
    Hey Accipender! I'll be your opponent for the Official VGC Tournament! When would you like to battle?
    Deadline has been crossed already for the BW Walkthrough tournament, let's try to meet ASAP, VM me if I am online for battle. Otherwise, if when you get on I'm not there, VM me your timetable for a rendez vous
    This week, I have a pretty variable schedule. Sometime during Sunday would work best for me, preferably a time that's not from 4-10 AM CDT (GMT-5). If you're on right now, I'm up for playing as well.
    Sorry, i can't today, i have to do a lot of homework, so i can play tomorrow, it's ok tomorrow ?
    hi, when do you want to play for the On a Clear Day You Can See Forever" tourney? my timezone's gmt -6
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