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  • Sorry, man! I missed this. And no. I'm not a big VGC person, although it seems cool!
    Yeah, you're welcome ^_^

    Also, yes. I would hope that I can attend Nationals, however I need to get past regionals first, lol. I'm going to the Philadelphia regionals, I don't think I'll be using this team however, lol. I just kind of threw it together for this tournament. :p Good game though!
    My connection is so crap here at uni, playing on Smogon d/cs me instantly, can we switch to skarmbliss if that's ok?
    I think you just have to export it from text on PO, then c&p in and submit :)

    That said, i'll just submit my team in a couple of minutes and we can play jajaja
    Greyson :(

    ahhh, im free to battle all day today, tomorrow after 5pm GMT, not friday or saturday and all of sunday really. yourself?
    GREYSON from Illinois?

    My name is Nejiki from California. You disconnected on my ass. I want ten minutes of my life back, haha.
    ahaha thanks, but i'm not really going i'm just trolling the european players. :D I wish i could travel out there.
    Been going down hill with the rampant d.cs. I took 3 losses yesterday and it reduced me to 1699 and I only won 3 battles out of 50 that day, most of them were d.cs and six were actually accounted for.
    my team was
    Hydreigon, Excadrill, Amonguss, Elektross, accelgor and Beartic(whom i regret -.-) but dude at this point i don't care i think everyone can attest that this tournament was dookie :P
    i remembered the name being Greyson not Greysong but people have been claiming you have D/ced on them too. if its not you then im sorry.
    Must be a different grey then but i did get beat by a grey that used two weather genies to weather abuse their strongest attacks. He didn;t rage quit on me, he deafed me.
    wow! you've had 12 dc's?!!! Ive played 20 games now and have only had 1 dc'er! well, there was this one guy who dc'ed befor the game started, and it even put me with him again and he did the same thing lol.
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