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  • The 60-year-old man at the same time... He lived in Norway. Everyone called him Pocketman, they all knew his name. Now, why, perhaps see why one of those pocket. He then raped and a strange way people. If you think that this story is true, is very strange. He was bound by the police was arrested. He has been from the rape pedofil homofil to anyone. How does he: and he has let the city coap, denim shorts and pants. He was puppy littled was some small space? , Women's empowerment and he is very well say: he was all hand pockets ", taking his time, he was calling the boy" and says he is "sure thing man" boy. ( He he too big Dick pocketmans ) and pockets. Pocketman rape hand purse my children, he returned the knife carefully. Norway more than 2000 m and male rape. Smoke say funny may seem, but this thread is totally boring. Please cover this guy talking about Meow theme ideas. Submitted by undertaker
    Hey there,
    I know you run the "where to get your VGC 2012 Mons from" thread, and I wanted to ask you a quick question if possible. I am still in the learning process for RNG ing, and am no where near ready to try and hand those out to people, but I am able to get any pokemon from pokecheck without the ribbon, and trade it, I was wondering if this is really even worth offering or where I should offer it? I want to try and help anyone I can, because I have had tons of support since joining here.

    you can't forget great asset to the uk: Pokérob.
    Man does it all, qualifies for worlds, owns 2 very influential pokemon websites, and hosts fan tournaments all around the uk!
    it's ok since your not a mod anymore, i couldn't get infracted by the shitest mod in in existence 9.9

    also i'm leaving for hawaii in 2 days !_!
    no worries, brb punching shade for telling me you were at manchester uni
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