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  • Hey if its not too much to ask, could I get your help for finding my SID on Black 2? I'll be available to trade in about 4 hours.
    I used to go to TRU league too, but I didn't start until the Johto season (although I first got into Pokémon shortly after R/B came out). I still go to league, but not there; they stopped hosting it around 10 years ago, and that TRU isn't even around anymore.

    Lol @ the poison "glitch"... I thought my batteries were dying when I first saw that. :p

    I've been to Worlds twice, but not as a competitor. It's awesome! The hotel is full of Pokémon people and there's people playing in the lobby and designated gaming rooms at all hours of the day, they have special guests like Mr. Ishihara and TCG card illustrators (who will sign cards for you if you wait in a long line), and you get to meet lots of interesting people from all over the world. They have a shop with exclusive merchandise, and the Japanese TCG players trade/sell some of their exclusive stuff too. If you volunteer to work at the event, you will get compensated very well!
    Wow that's amazing, I wish I could volunteer somewhere, but I currently don't have the money to do it right now, I hope to go someday though. It was mostly due to bad grades, but I remember sitting in a biology class in college and I just had this feeling that this isn't right. I can't really explain it. :p Cool, I really want a lizard either a leopard gecko or a bearded dragon. I don't have any reps or amphibians right due where I live, but I've had some turtles and frogs in the past, I loved them.
    Thank you, I actually wanted to be a herpetologist, so reptiles are one of the few things I some stuff about. I'm glad I could help and be informative. :)
    Nice Drifblim! I'll bet you're excited about Worlds being in Vancouver!

    Is your signature referring to the Pokémon League that used to be held at Toys R Us?
    Great job! What was it? And yep, I'll be at winter and spring regionals (none of the fall locations are anywhere close to me). How about you?
    Ok, I'm not very familiar with the GTS, so just tell me what I should do. The pokemon I have with me is a Pidove so I dont really mind if I get it back or not.
    I dunno it's weird. I haven't had a problem like this happen for a couple years now. I appreciate the help, but if you wanna stop trying that's fine.
    Potentionally, I'm usually not the one that worries about that at my house, but wifi connection hasnt been that bad for a while now.
    Does the pokemon have to be special in anyway (shiny, caught immediately after turning the game on, etc.)?
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