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  • I have both a Rare Kitchen 5 and Treasure Hunt 5, I'd recommend the Kitchen.
    Do you have Modest/Timid HP Ice Thundurus or Soundproof Snover?
    I reached out on Reddit and no one with a Snover as part of their Friend Safari replied. But I have a few other places I can check.
    Tapu Koko Loko
    Tapu Koko Loko
    Are we still doing this? I can try to find the Snover some other way f it's giving you too much trouble.
    I'd still like to do it. I have a message into a friend as my last resort for a HA Snover. If he doesn't have it then we'll have to proceed with whatever you're willing to give up for just the Thundurus.

    Sorry for not being more proactive... I've had a busy week.
    I didn't place well at all. I lost 4 matches out of 8. But realistically, from a big picture perspective, I'm not too worried about it. 3 of the losses were hax, and none of my wins involved hax. So all in all I performed as well as could be expected, considering the hand I was dealt.
    Yeaaaaah lol. Oh well. :P Most of the guys in the top ranks actually DCed on me, too, which was quite annoying.
    I lost track at like 10 something. Plus having to rely on an external stopwatch on the 3DS was a pain.
    I stopped using my 3DS XL for RNGing because the Timer0 range is so friggin huge compared to my DSLite. So I can't comment on parameters changing.
    Umm I wasn't actually RNGing my ID/SID for that shiny roamer...
    I just searched for shiny frames that's closer to something like 450-550 or something...

    For Thundurus, which I did, I think the min PID frame it ends up is somewhere in 450+, if there's no weather after you got out of the house, and you mash the A button.
    For Tornadus, it's somewhat higher, 550+ maybe
    Meh. I know that eventually I'll have to, but I just haven't gotten around to figuring out my seconds and whatnot.
    Sure, happy to help.

    I don't know exactly how long it took, but I'd say maybe 5 hours, give or take. I think just using Oshawott/Dewott/Samurott makes things pretty easy.

    It seems like it takes a while, maybe, but I really think it's the most reliable way to do things. You'd have to play through once to get to that point, anyway, and you might end up spending 5 hours trying to RNG the roamer and never get anywhere, so I think it's better to just reset the game and RNG the IDs once you know you'll get what you want.
    Oh he does have a point. I'd fall into that "extremely patient" category.
    Oooooooh. Well. Honestly, you could probably just ask around. Iirc it's around the 100ish range. I picked as low as possible, which was like 65iirc. If you aim high, like 100+ or more, you might have to save a little more, but you WILL be able to hit it.
    I don't use Boot Camp, but as far as I know it is exactly the same as if you were running on a normal Windows machine. So if RNG Reporter runs under Windows 8 elsewhere, I would think it would work fine, but don't quote me on that.
    Nah. I RNG'd one ID for easy shiny spreads, but didn't realize I had picked a frame too low for the roamer until I got there. So I just RNG'd it for IVs/Nature. Didn't feel like going back and doing it again just for a shiny one.
    I've been ok! :D Just been trying out a psych up team on GBU lol. Not sure how much I like it...
    Ummmmmmmmmmmmm I doooooo believe you've gotta have it on an SD card. Or at least I've read that it's infinitely useful if you do. I read you can copy your save, RNG and transfer over any of the legendary mons, then take your SD card out, delete the save, replace it with a copy, and do it all over again as many times as you like. For some reason the game doesn't keep track of how many times you've sent the same mon.
    I'm wonderful. Very glad to hear about the '13 VGC rules! Lincoln is doing wonderful! He's started standing up by himself! He gets so excited and starts grinning and clapping!
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