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  • When are you going to evolve?
    Haha, good question! I've had this name on online forums since Gen II, so it predates Mismagius, and I still prefer Misdreavus' design over its evolution's anyway.
    I have both a Rare Kitchen 5 and Treasure Hunt 5, I'd recommend the Kitchen.
    Do you have Modest/Timid HP Ice Thundurus or Soundproof Snover?
    I reached out on Reddit and no one with a Snover as part of their Friend Safari replied. But I have a few other places I can check.
    Tapu Koko Loko
    Tapu Koko Loko
    Are we still doing this? I can try to find the Snover some other way f it's giving you too much trouble.
    I'd still like to do it. I have a message into a friend as my last resort for a HA Snover. If he doesn't have it then we'll have to proceed with whatever you're willing to give up for just the Thundurus.

    Sorry for not being more proactive... I've had a busy week.
    I didn't place well at all. I lost 4 matches out of 8. But realistically, from a big picture perspective, I'm not too worried about it. 3 of the losses were hax, and none of my wins involved hax. So all in all I performed as well as could be expected, considering the hand I was dealt.
    Yeaaaaah lol. Oh well. :P Most of the guys in the top ranks actually DCed on me, too, which was quite annoying.
    I lost track at like 10 something. Plus having to rely on an external stopwatch on the 3DS was a pain.
    I stopped using my 3DS XL for RNGing because the Timer0 range is so friggin huge compared to my DSLite. So I can't comment on parameters changing.
    Umm I wasn't actually RNGing my ID/SID for that shiny roamer...
    I just searched for shiny frames that's closer to something like 450-550 or something...

    For Thundurus, which I did, I think the min PID frame it ends up is somewhere in 450+, if there's no weather after you got out of the house, and you mash the A button.
    For Tornadus, it's somewhat higher, 550+ maybe
    Meh. I know that eventually I'll have to, but I just haven't gotten around to figuring out my seconds and whatnot.
    Sure, happy to help.

    I don't know exactly how long it took, but I'd say maybe 5 hours, give or take. I think just using Oshawott/Dewott/Samurott makes things pretty easy.

    It seems like it takes a while, maybe, but I really think it's the most reliable way to do things. You'd have to play through once to get to that point, anyway, and you might end up spending 5 hours trying to RNG the roamer and never get anywhere, so I think it's better to just reset the game and RNG the IDs once you know you'll get what you want.
    Oh he does have a point. I'd fall into that "extremely patient" category.
    Oooooooh. Well. Honestly, you could probably just ask around. Iirc it's around the 100ish range. I picked as low as possible, which was like 65iirc. If you aim high, like 100+ or more, you might have to save a little more, but you WILL be able to hit it.
    I don't use Boot Camp, but as far as I know it is exactly the same as if you were running on a normal Windows machine. So if RNG Reporter runs under Windows 8 elsewhere, I would think it would work fine, but don't quote me on that.
    Nah. I RNG'd one ID for easy shiny spreads, but didn't realize I had picked a frame too low for the roamer until I got there. So I just RNG'd it for IVs/Nature. Didn't feel like going back and doing it again just for a shiny one.
    I've been ok! :D Just been trying out a psych up team on GBU lol. Not sure how much I like it...
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