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  • Ummmmmmmmmmmmm I doooooo believe you've gotta have it on an SD card. Or at least I've read that it's infinitely useful if you do. I read you can copy your save, RNG and transfer over any of the legendary mons, then take your SD card out, delete the save, replace it with a copy, and do it all over again as many times as you like. For some reason the game doesn't keep track of how many times you've sent the same mon.
    I'm wonderful. Very glad to hear about the '13 VGC rules! Lincoln is doing wonderful! He's started standing up by himself! He gets so excited and starts grinning and clapping!
    No, it's unlikely to be researched soon. It's very unusual that a person can't create a save. (Yes, I saw that you have this situation... sorry.)
    I ended up only getting 46, finishing 4-3. Pretty bad luck in two games with crits, flinches, and confusion. But eh that's Pokemon for you it was still fun.
    yeah, that pretty much confirms it. the tick counter is slow enough to sort of, kind of keep up with, but the timer is not.
    You need to be accurate to the nearest nano second so it's actually harder to abuse than FR/LG.
    I edited the seed on my Wii and then sent over the Jirachi to my copy of Sapphire version. It's not Smogon legal due to the hack to edit the RNG state. I'm not sure if changing to code to edit the RTC for me would actually make it legal or not but I don't quite care that much.
    Alright, I'll try to test it soon, and I'll let you know if I do :)
    Yes. Alternatively you can wait for your seed to come around again, or there may be a different seed that yields the same spread on a different frame. But removing the battery and trying again in a few days is usually the fastest way.
    I use tape to keep it in place. Do note that for whatever reason it takes a couple of days for the RTC to reset after the battery is removed. Like if you remove it the seed would be 5A0 but if you put it back in too early it's at where you left off... or I think it advances normally. Idk. It's really weird.

    You can RNG an ID/SID with live battery as well but I just did it with the battery out. No point in making things harder than they need to be.
    RNG reporter supports it in the 9.96 alphas. As for the RTC date/time... I leave the battery out for a while so it starts at Jan 1/2000 at midnight after I put it back in. I believe it starts when you boot up the game for the first time.
    I haven't tested it personally, but I've had someone tell me they were successful using my guide, so I think it'll work. But, again, I didn't test it so they might have just been saying that. The only part in the guide not tested to work is getting the correct nature, because I never tested the newest version of Eon Timer that I used in the guide. If you'd be willing to test it for me that would be great. If not, I'll get around to testing it soon; I have a Tyrogue waiting in my forest :p
    Frame ~31148 seed 0D1C. Seed can only be different from 5A0 if the battery is live.
    The design layout didn't change as much as I wanted it to, but I'm still interested in a purchase. The problem is the price. I walked into Gamestop to see what they could humor me with on trade-in deals. They told me 50 for my 3DS and an additional $25 for a limited-time promotional offer. They didn't even have a display model. I laughed the entire way home.

    I'm going to look at some lesser known chains to see if I can haggle anything better. Until then, my little buddy is not going anywhere.
    It sure is! lol I still have my first badges from there, its what started me on the pokemon franchise. Although, I feel bad now, when I just got Yellow version I returned it three times because the game kept glitching.. yet it wasn't actually glitching. Poison. Someone didnt read the manual very well lol Im so stoked its within driving distance! Worlds will be awesome, even if I am just there to watch and buy some goodies lol have you been to a worlds before?
    Drifblim 25,31,31,31,31,16 HP Ice 64

    Thanks, I was pretty excited to get a gen 5 right lol
    Cool! I want to do fall and spring, because none of the winter are in canada lol
    The fall one is iffy thou, I might be in Bolivia when thats going on, so still waiting to see. Now I am just waiting for work to quiet down so I can pull out the gameboy and laptop and get to real (pokemon) work lol
    Hey, did my first sucessful 5th gen RNG today!
    Got excited, wanted to tell someone lol are you participating in the vgc 2013 season?
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