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  • Yeah I'd defo run leftovers tbolt/hp flying/twave/protect. Protect's really important on a Thundurus, and taunt is literally one of the worst moves in the game.

    As for next year, it depends I guess. Tornadus will probably be a nonentity in both forms whatever the metagame; Thundurus-T is like a worse lightningrod Zapdos while normal thundurus will probably be the same; Landorus-T is gonna be brilliant if no ubers but pretty bad if they are allowed.
    I used modest cause I couldn't get a calm lol but yes it had grass knot just because. HP flying is better, maybe HP ice. Depends on how the rest of your stuff covers fighting/grass and dragon.
    Yes I am, it's great. I won a tourney recently with one and got myself about £200's worth of gear from it. :D
    Man, as for Thundurus T, I cannot imagine how anyone would not run Timid 252/252 Ice. It's base 101 speed, which is hawt, and what, 145 SAtk or something? That just screams hit and run.

    Honestly though, I have no clue how to use Tornadus T. I literally never use bulky mons.
    Deep Kick
    Chad Smith really shows off how amazing of a drummer he is. One Hot Minute as a whole is just an amazing and underrated album.
    Ice man. I've tried flying, but geez, Ice has saved my arceus so many freaking times. And I've never 1HKO'd anything with flying ever.
    Yeah, I only ever use 252 SAtk / 252 Spd. But lots of people like Human and Deagle use give it enough bulk to survive any rock slide and KO on the 2nd hit.
    I did all the way up until it started to get hot. Back 2 months ago I suppose. Where I work we don't have air conditioning, and when it got over 100 degrees, I would get so tired after working in the heat that I literally wouldn't have the energy to play anything when I got home. I probably haven't seriously played pokemon or any other game for the past 2 months.

    Now that its finally cooling off here I'm feeling better though, so I'll start up again soon.
    Thought I would let you know, Im still trying to learn rnging, but I can now get any pokemon off pokecheck without the ribbon, so if theres anything you need, let me know and I can find it and trade it to you!
    It's on hiatus atm, I've been doing other stuff but I should get back to it soon.
    Nope, they treat it as completely seperate, the only thing the same is user name, I'd imagine they want to reward people who buy both cartridges, or to help reduce the amount of redundant accounts. I'm really glad I could help, let me know if there's anything else I can do or if there's a certain poke you'd like me to keep an eye out for!
    Hey, so I am still waiting til I can access Gamesync, but Ill just VM you when I can cause the threads moved past lol but I will let you know!

    So yes I can confirm that you get One promotion pokemong PER game Sync Per Account,
    So I now have 2 from the same account. Even screen shot for proof lol
    Hope this helps!
    Yeah, actually, from what little I've done (ID/SID and shiny starter), as long as you have the newest reporter there's really not much difference than the old abuse (other than the Radar mons). The newest beta of the reporter already has everything but the Radar mons built into it. It was really quick.
    Ah, I see. Well yeah, I'd stick to those two for Pokemon shopping. xD
    the BW guide and Pokemon Pia are on YesAsia, but I'm not sure about the starter kits
    I'd have to look again, but I do recall something significant being changed that I believe made it more like standard abuse, but your nature was still hard to hit.
    Most times if we are in need of a certain piece of Japanese merchandise, we go to Play-Asia.com because they offer the best prices that we know of. Other importers charge a high price to import such materials (we found that out the hard way) and ebay isn't much better. Play-Asia ships directly from Asia to us so we get it cheaper AND quicker usually.

    We also got our B2W2 games there. I think the Japanese versions are being sold for $60 USD which is pretty steep admittedly, but it's still cheaper than any "deal" you can find on ebay or other Japanese retailers/importers. Plus they give coupons which are pretty sweet. :w
    lol I hit my date/time/seconds/frame on my very first try at W2 ID abuse.

    I was like "... um.... it says I hit everything but... oh... I did hit everything haha!"
    Oh no no, definitely no. It was complicated before they programmed it into the Reporter. You had to do all the math in hex manually and compare it to a list of natures. It was ridiculous. But as soon as they programmed it into the reporter it was just like Gen 5 Standard RNG. Just hit your second and advance your frames by transfering X amount of mons. If I read the research thread the Dream Radar RNG worked the same way. They even figured a way to verify your seed while doing it too.
    There's a post on it in the Research thread. It looks as easy as pokewalker RNG. Iirc they're going to put it into the next Reporter.
    Oh man I wish I DID have that one! Nah, my wife actually completely surprised me by getting me this red one for my birthday. She later got me a very nice, green, OoT hardshell/skin to protect it, which had this beautifully detailed painting of Link and Epona running through Hyrule field on it. But because I carry my 3DS in my pocket literally every single day the picture has completely worn off and now I just have a blank green hardshell on a red 3DS.
    Hi, I don't want to post in your 3DS thread but I do want to let you know that the 3DS XL does come with a charger. Japan and Europe both had the 3DS XL release earlier than the US did (today I think), and a charger doesn't come with it there, but here in the US it'll come with a charger. Hope I helped!

    EDIT: link, you'll have to scroll down a bit
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