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  • hi greysong :D we are matched up for the 11 in 10 wifi tournament, and i probably won't be able to play until next week because i havent gotten my team yet |D
    Nah, sorry. Wish I was :(. Both for the TCG and VGC.

    Rep America for us.

    What state are you from? I never got that from you xD.

    Also: We gotta do at least 1 match on PO. Porii Sames FLac0 on there. :D
    I'm good, thanks :) Still bummed about not being able to go to VGC :(
    I've been pretty inactive in Pokemon video game world lately, I've been kind of getting into the competitive TCG and then I've had drivers ed and stuff, so yeah. I'll get back into it though. I'm praying I'll get to catch the LCQ at worlds, but I doubt it....
    GreySong! Dunno if you remember me, I was at Nats with PR777 cheering ya on. Just wanted to drop by and say it's me.
    Congratulations! That's awesome! I don't think I'll be showing up at Worlds this year, but I'll be staying in touch to see how you do! Aim for victory!
    Hey man! It was so nice meeting you again this year. And it's so awesome that you made top 8 at nats!!! So are you going to be able to to worlds?
    Hey Grey! Is was nice seeing you at Nats! You did so well yesterday. I unfortunately had to leave this morning with my family to head back home, so I could not stay and watch the final rounds. How did you do?
    greysong!! thanks man :) long time no talk, haha

    i haven't heard about you and vgc's yet man, you going to any this year?
    I read your post from Round 2 about you dropping out. Bummer. Good luck on your finals though!
    Hey we're paired for round 3 of the VGC tournament. When are you up for it? I can't do any battling from Monday through Friday though because of a school field trip so I can this weekend or the next.
    Next round please submit a full team and not just the names of the mons. You can export from text in po, and then just copy and paste that.
    Hey I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to go back on till now. Will you be on tomorrow night? So I can give you the togepi.
    No problem. And I'm heading back into the union room now with the clones for evee and togepi
    And sure no problem I'll clone them right now. And the ralts and mudkip are thank yous sorry if you already have then.
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