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  • My daughter and I have floated two 12 mile trips, of a planned 125 miles, on the Meramec River, (a river that flows through our town). We finished the 2nd leg a lil bit ago. Uploading pics.

    We've been doing fantastic!
    I thought the same thing, but I couldn't bear to watch it myself. I wanted to be there in person too badly.
    IT WAS
    I'd recommend it to anyone. Its easily my new favorite Zelda. I'm actually heading over to my brother's now to pick it back up so I can play it again. I let him borrow it after I got done with my first runthrough.

    I will be on later this evening 8PM US Central time or so. But I've got to head over to his house to pick up that game, take the kids to the park to feed the ducks, get something for dinner, and get groceries. So it'll be a while.
    Oh I haven't been on much lately since my wife had our son. Since he hasn't started sleeping normally I haven't had much time for irc. :x

    When I do get on its usually right after work around 4:00 US Central time. Since he's starting to sleep better I'll be getting on more soon.
    Oh, nah. I didn't pick it out. Heather got me a Red one when they were 160$. She later got me a snap on protector with Link and Epona on the front.
    Brian! Great to hear from ya! Lol yeah, I'm crazyhappy with the little guy.

    Ohgeezyeah. I've got my 3DS in my pocket like literally all day. Its definitely been worth every penny. Beyond just being an amazingly fun system with great games and applications already and more great games coming, my daughter plays it a lot too. Before, we'd be like waiting in the doctor's office waiting room or something and she'd get antsy and it'd be a rough time. But now I've got a couple little kids games on there just for her and I can hand it to her and she's good to go for a few hours.
    It still says I've done 5 battles and my score is 1578. I've done 2 more battles since then, so we'll see. :3 lol
    Yeah, I'm almost done for the night too. Probably try to get 10 battles and then I'm done. 4 more to go! xD
    You did!? Because I saved the vid too it was that good! Keep up the awesome work Serebro!! :)
    Yes I did!!! You were my 1st opponent this tournament!! xD My scrafty lived with 1 HP. lol
    Oh definitely. It's probably too late tonight, but sure, anytime this weekend. It'd be easiest to catch me on IRC.
    Well, I guess I will be using the team from last year that you let me use if that's ok. One thing though, for some reason I removed the item on tornadus, and im not sure if the item on the other lead mienshao is right ether. Do you remember what they were?
    Yessirree. I'll finally get a chance to use this VGC '11 team! You need anything?
    Shutt up! It was so nice meeting you again too!!!!! Yeah, I'm going to have to save some more money, but I should have enough money in time to go to Worlds!!! So did you do any side events or fun random battles at the event?
    Yeah. I think it has to do with them having 3 divisions now, instead of 2.
    Oh, yeah, they said it'll be at Indy already. I think good. Work's good. Fam's good. Church is good. Pokemon's good (lol).
    It totally is bro. Serebii got a brand new server! Smogon is just getting overwhelmed with traffic though.
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