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  • To all smogon players playing at the moment i have completely lost my patience. after what should have been 7 consecutive wins they have all disconnected. i am now turning to the dark side so as a fair warning anybody that encounters me dont bother battling me, just disconnect because im out for BLOOD! >:(
    Hey! Actually I do remember battling a team like yours, but I don't think I DC'd. lol Anyway, I must have gotten like around 20 DC's so far. X_X Well good luck in the rest of the tourney! :3
    What are you talking about bro? You saying I DC'd on you? Also, what team were you using and what team was I using if you think I did it?
    Crobat is BL, tell me before you plan to use BL in UU otherwise people can report
    GG otherwise!
    well that wouldve helped you haha!!! well gg there and i hope we will do battle in the future!!
    yo migaman!! Good game there friend!!! sorry for the overkill ddance i did :( I just wanted to make sure your wall was dead dead!!! good game and i hope to battle with you again!!!
    You wanted to use garchomp you should of told me I would of brought mine or my dexoys-s.
    Would you like to have an ubers battle
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