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  • I actually haven't made a team yet. I'll contact you when I do, though. I'm GMT -6, so probably tomorrow around the time you vm'ed me would be fine
    Yo im online as Conflict, but i cant find your name. Hit me up plz.

    Hey i gtg soon, so hurry up plz. Why do you always go afk, when we intend to battle? It is now or never.
    You know that the Deadline is in 6 hours, right? There is no "tomorrow"....

    I am most likely online for the next 3-4 hours so if you read this message in time message me back immediately and maybe we can still get this done before the round ends.
    I should be home all day also. Just PM me on IRC whenever or drop a VM, although IRC is much more reliable to contact me.
    Hey, you haven't replied at all for several days now. I pop on and off most of the day, but should have more time because now my school is out. As I said, IRC is the best place to find me. Let me know when you are available. I am not willing to have a coinflip, I will throw that out right now.
    Yo we still have to battle, tell me a time you are on - i will try to get online there as well.
    hi, we still have to do our match for the random pokemon tourney. im on irc pretty much all the time, but im not there past like 10pm most nights. (gmt -6)
    I'm GMT-6. I'm on IRC quite a bit, so you can probably just find me on there. If I don't answer right away, it's cause I left it up but am most likely still at my comp.
    Thats great. Lets set up a time for today since i have time.

    How does 5 or 6 PM sound?

    Can you only battle on Pokemon Online? Or is it possbile for you to battle on CAP? I dont really like the Log on PO, and i use him A LOT in battles so i kinda want to play on Shoddy.

    Cheers, Me

    Ps: What nationality are you?
    Yo, we are paired against each other in the Secret Santa V Tournament.

    Which times are you available to battle? I live in the timezone GMT+1.

    Cheers Conflict
    good, I would not pefer to do it on PO, but if we have to I do not care.
    Sorry that I missed you. I am GMT -5 so this is not going to be easy, maybe on the weekend we could do it
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