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  • would you like to have a doubles match against me sometime? GBU style, heh, just want to test it against someone with a jillion wins.
    I didn't accuse you of poor grammar...etc; I was just pointing seeing more and more "13 year olds", but does your statement implies that you're under? don't worry it's not like they'll check VMs and ban you if so.
    Would you mind answering a question about the DW for me, please. (Only asking you because you appear on-line, and post in that thread regularly)...

    Is there a way to not have to wake up my Poke and get Rainbow Bridge to reappear, also, without having to sync my cart each time?

    The board has 8 (iirc) open places for Pokes that you have met and chose at the end of the hour, but it won't let me do anything new after I get one on there without first getting it out of the DW.
    I see you've already posted in the Worst Battling Moments thread.

    I lol'd.
    I'm surprised it doesn't block the site; my school's computers would block anything game-related.
    On a side note, I'm kind of tempted to play some PBR for good old time's sake... See if anyone actually plays anymore.
    Mondays are even worse.

    60-something days of Summer left... And I've already run out of things to do.
    lol I actually didn't switch up my team all that much; I believe I only switched 2 members.
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