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  • Hey, you won a Mandibuzz in the POTW giveaway on Facebook! Let me know what your FC / In game name is and when you're available to trade. My FC is 0259 - 0773 - 7016, and I'm usually on in the afternoons EST.
    Hey, that's cool, more power to you! I'll just warn you that the three-check minimum thing is by no means a quick way into the GP team; the leaders will have to review all the checks you did and probably give you some suggestions for future checks to do. Believe me, I thought the same thing, took a lot more work than I expected to get onto GP.

    Good luck with getting onto GP, but I wouldn't get my hopes up if you've just done one full revamp and another two SOC corrections.
    errr, the GP team request thing is for doing three/more approved analysis GP checks, not SOC. Finding tons of these is really useful, and eventually this and similar work can get you a pre-contributor badge if you keep it up, but SOC doesn't get you access into the GP team. Sorry 3:
    Hey if you're on we can try now, I see the last activity was 25 minutes ago so I might have just barely missed you again.
    Ah, well first of all I hope you feel better.

    Anyway, I do hope we get it in, but if you can't I can't blame you, getting sick is never fun. I'll mention it to the people I need to if it gets to that point, though.
    Well, we're paired for the Doubles Minitour. I'm in GMT -5 (USA Eastern Time)... I wish Lately I've been on break so I've been available most of the time, though late tonight and early tomorrow won't work too well, same from 12:30-3:30 on Wednesday. Still gives us some options, I'm sure we can figure out something.
    can you do me a favor and write up a corrected version for secret power that you posted about here so that i can put it onsite? if you could pm it to me that'd be great
    Dude, I completely sympathise. I really hate it when people have next to no consideration trying to schedule matches (whether they are improtant or not) Especially if you're making all the effort. I'll try to locate him on IRC and send both a VM and a PM to him. I appreciate that you also have commitments and hope this doesn't turn ito a similar situation we had with WQ + Rydro in R2 (slightly different circumstances and you're a pretty nice guy fdrom what I've seen.) I'll certainly try my best to help you get your match done
    Sorry I tried to stay awake but I fell right asleep. Ill be on all day today too as well as wednesday
    Your match for the 3-mon Tournament has been extended. You have until 8 December to finish it. You've been in contact already, i'm sure you can get it done before the deadline.
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