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  • Heya there Aurica, as part of the "a giveaway for the ages" rules, I am entitled to a clone or your (awesome) persian. Would we be able to trade sometime?
    Sorry, past my bedtime. I'll post again when I'm available (won't be until tomorrow evening around the same time).
    How long are ya on for? I'm raiding right now but can get things ready in the next 10minutesish
    I'm sorry! I had to leave earlier today, something came up :(

    Anyway... I think we decided on my hp grass Sharpedo & Lapras for your Vaporeon and Set #1 Breloom? I think that sounds right.

    Also, I'm currently in need of a SD Scizor, would it also be possible to get an UT Scyther for my Shaymin & Darkrai that you liked too? :S
    I will be rnging myself, but it will take awhile because I am being taught and have lots of work/ school work.
    Is there anything in the near future you will be RNGing yourself ? For the ones I did myself I am more interested in the same sort of thing from someone else =)
    Lol lemme take a look at what I can find ^_^, also even if I don't get redi rights, you can still have them on Shedinja.
    I think I have that one already^_^

    Sorry would love to just give you rights on it but I told myself I wouldn't on the first wave of things I bred myself. If you have anything that fit my standards (flawless, shiny, female, bred yourself or a breeding project sort of thing), you can have semi-rights for that. =)
    Lol ok. I'll try to find something to make it semi redis. How about a fully redis Timid and Shiny Lugia?
    Semi rights (I can distribute, others can't) on your Garchomp for semi rights " " on the Nincada and eventual Shedinja
    Lol wow it worked!!! My wifi works in a wierd way. If I go to different rooms in my house, I can connect to certain people.
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