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  • Well.... to be honest, I don't know how to rng abuse on the 5th gen. yet and I believe the smogoners are working on trying to figure out how to rng abuse on the 5th gen. game.

    Also, after I got really upset and mad at the way how the players treated me and the person who ripped me off, I decided to try to rng abuse my own pokemon instead of relying on trading because they're some players out there who would rip me, you, and other players off.
    Well.... I wanted to talk to you about the wifi blacklist situation. You see when I realized how sad you were on the day when you got put on the blacklist, you reminded me how sad I was when I got put on the blacklist when I first came to smogon.

    I got put on the official blacklist because the smogoners thought that I was hacking and trading multiple hacked pokemon on purpose. Which i wasn't. I traded hacked pokemon without noticing because someone ripped me off.

    I'm telling you this because I know how you feel and I want you to know that you're not the only one.

    Cause it hurts me on the inside as well.
    These are the pokemon that I was giving to other players in my giveaway. They're fully redis.

    Have fun with them.
    I brought a present for you. Just to cheer you up.

    If you want it. Just Bring 5 useless pokemon and meet me on the wifi.

    What's your FC?
    Hey Babis, I brought you cheer up present just to cheer you up.

    If you catch this vm, just send me a vm.
    Hmm. I don't need any of the things you offered. Can you offer services like EV training? or Items?
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