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  • I could swear he does... Maybe I'm wrong though. Toxic is SO GOOD in singles, it's insane. I'm putting Toxic and Protect on everything I can these days... Well, with a big movepool, powerful attacks shouldn't be hard to come by, right? Gogo RCs...
    I was trying to be clever, and see where it got me. It backfired :P

    I'm pretty sure you can get WoW and Toxic too. I would definitely do so if I were you.
    So just go status crazy in future?

    Oh God. Supersonic. Spenstar's GODDAMN STARMIE. That was clever, I admit, using the Mud, but damn it -_- Early tourney exit for me!
    I'll be honest, it really won't make a difference, Banryu. Chalk it all up to experience, I guess I'll leave it as is...
    Yawn takes effect three actions after it's used, and it was used at the end of last turn, so Kecleon fell asleep on action 3. Them's the breaks.
    i don't know if you're doing this now but moves are up so if you could ref the round it would make my day
    2-3 days isn't bad for a battle like yours... I've worked 10-14 hour workdays for the past week and have pretty much gone from work to bed and back to work, even through my birthday on saturday. sometimes rl calls...
    I only have 3 Pokemon, just look up my reg post in the Registration Tower (last page) and we can get this started
    I only have 3 Pokemon and Venser accepted my challenge. So let's get this party started!
    Ok so i was taking a second look at your Charmeleon and im officially scared. there isnt anything i can do against Counter if i send out actions first.
    I'm sorry about that-this is my first triples battle and I must have overlooked that. Editing.

    Secondly, when Aether got healed, I basically had his base speed *jump* back from an effective 20 to 80. As I'm taking the "move last" order into account, however, this no longer applies.
    well, my team is milo, dnite, p2, deino, axew, shroomish

    it seems to overpower you at first, but you'll probably be using your charmeleon and vibrava along with milo and kecleon, so it kinda evens it out imo :S
    lol. And you know it makes it easier to judge your combos in the Dojo if you put what you want them to do? For one thing, it makes them people more likely to see what you're thinking.
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