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  • That's totaly fine, my comp crashed right a few minutes after (or SU failed again) :( We'll probably run into each other sometime on CAP.
    I know,
    I really can't completly disagree with that... (someone other also posted this on the threath but the message got deleted becasue he broke the rules).
    It's just difficult because I'ts already a 'busy' image so adding something would make it al little too detailed... So I'm kind of stuck with that....

    so any suggestions are more as welcome =p
    I'd love to, what with wynaut in the tier it could be easier to set up a swords dance, but I won't know until I try little cup, which I intend to delve into soon.
    I think your idea looks too much like irl Huntail. Compare the two side to side, you'll see it.
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