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  • Well, I've been online for a while again now, bro....I haven't heard from you though. We're running out of time.
    Messaging me on here would probably be better. Hmm, that might be a little late for me to get on wifi tonight since I'm using a club wifi. What is your availability tomorrow night? I should be free anytime after 5pm tomorrow and 6pm on Saturday. We also have Sunday, if we absolutely need it.
    So, your availability is usually 8-10:30pm. Is that EST? If so, I am free during that time on Thursday. Does that sound like a good time to you?
    Yeah, I guess our time is running out pretty fast. What's your availability look like in the afternoons of this week?
    Well, I usually have free time in the evenings (EST) more often than morning or days, but I'd like to test out some teams a little more before we battle, if that's alright with you. I think the deadline is the 11th, so we've at least got some time to work it out. I may be ready to go by this weekend, but I'm not quite sure yet.
    Hello, Basics. We've been paired up for the tourney. Just touching base with you. My timezone is Eastern Standard.
    hello, this post is regarding youpods rilou giveaway if you have not recieved it yet,
    please vm me for your copy when you see me online. *note ill WILL NOT be on this weekend
    so try to get a hold of me during the week.
    The other two distributors are: (if you cannot get a hold of me)
    2. Rawrior
    3. monsoonbeast
    When you say malvern, do you mean malvern school in the beaches or do you mean malvern near Scarborough?
    Here btw
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