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  • Alright your my Head Agent!
    Go check it out!
    Also what sprite would you like preferably a pokemon trainer E4 etc
    That's cool.
    And we'll see! =p For now, I'm denying your request to join P.Force. I'm sure you will get there soon though!
    BStar...where have you been? I have a task for you. I am creating a underground city for TRC using the tiles from the Pokemon games and I would like you to take some of the building spites and modify them for that TRC can have it's on city and buildings. I need things like Poke'centers, shops, ect...Think your up to it? Either way, let me know. Take care, Lux
    Just that I am not trying to be mean, I'm just trying to make things run a lot smoother and keep you from getting banned, because at this rate you will be if you keep on.
    If you don't stop staring fights with everyone, I am going to kick you out of TRC. It's one thing for us to protect you and respect you as a TRC member, but if you are going to take advantage of that and go around picking fights just because you know we will back you up, we can just as easily turn our backs on you. Or worse, join in on those after you. I strongly suggest you clean up your act and watch your mouth. You are on thin ice and this is your one and ONLY warning!
    The fact of the matter is that you are getting into fights that we don't need to be in right now...
    No problem. =)
    Sure, just post them in your photo album and I will come through and select the one I would like to upload to TRC...That's how it worked with the other members. Or if you'd like, you can post them in the appropriate thread and I will look there.
    Then why do I keep getting join requests from you trying to get into Team Aero? This is the third one tonight. You are merely proving me correct, and your nonsensical babble is irrelevant.
    I find your attempt at entering my secure facility quite.....amusing. Please refrain from attempting this again, as you only prove both to me and to your superiors how foolish you really are.
    I'll think about it.
    I have nothing to do with whatever stupid argument
    People had, it was a long time ago
    And your leader may already have gotten over himself
    Now that he is safe among his "friends" :)
    I'm just saying, he's the reason you people are arguing.
    Maybe I'll join to see what is up, or I might as well leave TR and other groups :)
    Dude, chill out about Leaguechamp. I don't know anything about him, but you're acting like you're 7. Also, TRC is superior in every way.... you seem to forget before petty bribes of trivial positions you joined us first (and we didn't even offer you a position).
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