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  • I just now found 3 more. My 2 celebis, froslass and deoxys. and thats it

    EDIT: Ugh, There's more that pokecheck blocks, ill let you know as i find them
    My 2 arceus, event victini, event reshiram, event darkrai, event keldeo. That should be it
    Can you do me a favor? When I'm done uploading my stuff to pokecheck, can you hold onto my events?
    Thanks. What should I do with all of the pokemon on my cart? Upload them all to pokecheck?
    Can we trade for the litwick at 7AM your time (7PM my time) today or tomorrow, or 7:15 on tuesday. Thanks for the Litwick I can also do Friday 7:15 any week. My Friend code is 3869 5009 1826
    Just school work. Haven't played the games in awhile. I'm gonna get a few of the new DW mons and RNG them, then create a new thread to keep track of my stuff (no trading)
    So 5 o clock my time today? I wont be able to tell ypu my friend code until then, can I txt it to you?
    Hey, Biosci, I gave a DWlucario code a while back, kinda lost my white card,and got a new black 2,is there any way I can receive a copy of the lucario again? let me know :)
    I'm not free the trade now, but what is a good time to trade you? I pretty much have to go down to the local laundromat and piggyback off the wifi, so i wont be able to communicate with you too well, but i can be there and waiting at anytime tomorrow.
    Oh sorry, could you make that Cresselia set Psyshock, Trick Room, Helping Hand, Icy Wind. Thanks! Really dude, thanks so much for your help!
    Lol yeah i understand why you dont want to RNG an adamant zapdos. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction! And yeah Timid, is fine, timid is great actually. If you want to EV them too, that'd be great! I'll tell you the EV spreads, and the items too.

    Cresselia@Leftovers 252HP/252Def/4SpDef
    Hitmontop@Fight Gem 124HP/252Atk/132Speed
    Abomasnow@Choice Scarf 20Def/252SpAtk/238Speed
    Heatran@Shuca Berry 4Def/252SpAtk/252Speed
    Heracross@Flame Orb 4HP/252Atk/252Speed

    The 6th is Zapdos, but you don't have to worry about that ^^. Thanks dude!
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