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  • Can you trade? And when you said just give you whatever, what did you mean?
    I'm ready to trade again. I have 14 to send over, then I'll start to look for Thundurus seeds.
    I just now found 3 more. My 2 celebis, froslass and deoxys. and thats it

    EDIT: Ugh, There's more that pokecheck blocks, ill let you know as i find them
    My 2 arceus, event victini, event reshiram, event darkrai, event keldeo. That should be it
    Can you do me a favor? When I'm done uploading my stuff to pokecheck, can you hold onto my events?
    Thanks. What should I do with all of the pokemon on my cart? Upload them all to pokecheck?
    Can we trade for the litwick at 7AM your time (7PM my time) today or tomorrow, or 7:15 on tuesday. Thanks for the Litwick I can also do Friday 7:15 any week. My Friend code is 3869 5009 1826
    Just school work. Haven't played the games in awhile. I'm gonna get a few of the new DW mons and RNG them, then create a new thread to keep track of my stuff (no trading)
    So 5 o clock my time today? I wont be able to tell ypu my friend code until then, can I txt it to you?
    Hey, Biosci, I gave a DWlucario code a while back, kinda lost my white card,and got a new black 2,is there any way I can receive a copy of the lucario again? let me know :)
    I'm not free the trade now, but what is a good time to trade you? I pretty much have to go down to the local laundromat and piggyback off the wifi, so i wont be able to communicate with you too well, but i can be there and waiting at anytime tomorrow.
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