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    #385. Jirachi (★) | Gender: None
    OT: JAPANESE (MeGaMaN X) | ID No. 08188
    Nature: Rash | Ability: Serene Grace | Type: Psychic/Steel
    Location: Pokemon Fan Club
    Hidden Power: Fire 60
    IV: 31/14/31/30/31/30
    EV: UT | Level: 5
    Moves: Confusion | Wish | Rest
    Code Used: Tanabata Jirachi
    Cloning Method: Action Replay/IR-GTS BW
    Sorry to bother you but I just started my White Version 2 do you have a Tepig Axew and a Zorua that i may have Ivs dont matter
    So adamant for hoho and timid HP Ice for Lando

    Also I can try to search for those, but you'll be waiting a hella long time for shiny flawless spread if you didn't abuse for one. And synch shiny PID frames can sometimes not be synchable with different types of encounters. jsyk
    lolwut no
    TID/SID doesn't matter for DR since they can't be received shiny
    MMX I'm sorry for not getting back to you. I have the flu and it sux, I've been swimming in and out of consciousness for the last 2 days. Anyways, if you still want to do the PPRNG thing with me, I'll be happy to help as soon as I get all these freakign vgc requests off my plate
    Okay, but I have to go pick up my bro at college before I get the mac. :p
    Hm, I could, but you'd still need to calibrate. There's a delay of about 8 seconds between the time you select the game in the game menu and the time is actually launches. You will require a timer, obviously.

    I'd be happy to help, but a number of functions in PPRNG require you to know how to do the spinner sequence. Those include Dream Radar abuse and also parameter searching. It will be hard to attempt if you aren't with me because you have to tell me what spins you're hitting.
    ew 3DS
    I try to avoid it if possible and mostly use PPRNG. Why you ask?
    Oh I haven't found an all items code myself yet either. I've been using my Black for items and buying them in the Battle subway if needed.
    It should work. All I had to do is plug in my Black 2 and it registered on the AR.

    The code for the reveal glass is
    [2012-11-24 23:53:57] <Biosci> 94000130 FFFB0000
    [2012-11-24 23:54:10] <Biosci> B2000024 00000000
    [2012-11-24 23:54:27] <Biosci> 00019218 0001027E
    [2012-11-24 23:54:34] <Biosci> D2000000 00000000

    and this code to activate the item
    [2012-11-24 23:55:29] <Biosci> 521659BC 2000DB01
    [2012-11-24 23:55:46] <Biosci> 121659BC 0000E010
    [2012-11-24 23:55:52] <Biosci> D2000000 00000000

    I don't know about hacking in the key items though.
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