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  • All my time will go towards the tournament. After that TR Gallade, Totes pokes, and my TR Aggron.
    lol i didnt know what was going on. i thought i got lucky the first time i rnged an egg in 5th gen and got discouraged but then i turned the volume up and notice the chatots were usign their regular sound. after taht i checked to see if i could record a chatter and i could! i got so angry lol! once i set it, i got my desired egg in my first attempt
    ohh yea i did. well, i just rng'ed teh stoutlands i put in my wants list a while ago. except for the adamant with intimidate.

    if you want one you can have one. u just gotta clone a copy for yourself.
    i have
    careful 31 all x spatk (intimidate)
    impish 31 all x spatk (intimidate)
    adamant 31 all x spatk(sand rush)

    i can nickname them too.
    I know I could just hack them all with a code but I'd like to limit that kind of intervention to cloning stuff. besides it's better than browsing through all the useless items and throwing them away so I only clone/keep stuff I'll actually use xP
    oh all right haha no problem. If you have time at some point. it was after all a free pokemon so yeah no rush at all
    no thanks. I'm not that interested in shinies yet xP
    btw do you have a choice band in 5th gen? :3
    when you learn 4th gen would you mind teaching me? I think I'll try emerald RNG breeding, doesn't seem so complicated o.O
    So idk if you saw my other post on your wall or not. But I was hoping I could get another copy of the gorebyss you bred for me. The one you gave me couldnt learn shellsmash as it only learns it as clampearl. sorry again..
    So sorry for all this trouble. Of course Staryu can have x in attack as long as its HP Fire 70. Actually lower would be better just in case it gets confused right? Lol
    Indeed. Going backwards I think would be harder.

    1. New to RNG. Starts at 5G
    2. RNG's 5G. Needs to learn 4G
    3. New to RNG. Starts at 4G
    Lol. Gotta teach 1 guy 5G RNG and 2 others 4G RNG. That'll be fun.

    Btw, I see you've been helping Cereza
    You sir, are a total bro. As far as egg moves go, I don't believe the Eelektross family learns any. Anyway, VM me when you have it. Thank you!!!
    is there a way I can save what I have so far? I really have to go now but I dont want to loose what I have done
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