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  • ok, i'll do that. I'll have to go soon tough. Just one more thing, during the star sequence, when should I start pressing a? when it first appears? when it turns back to the left? or when it smashes into the "ground"?
    I can only fill the version Ds type and MAC Address. Is there something else I should fill in?
    Sorry to bother you, but I made a minor mistake. Instead of having a speed IV of 0, could you get me one with a speed IV of 2? I forgot that I needed hidden power ice 70. Again, totally sorry for the inconvenience.
    Nickname: VerteBreak
    Nature: Quiet
    Gender: Male
    IVs: 31/31/31/31/31/2
    I managed to RNG on gen 4 without one so I guess I'll be okay. I guess. Like this one time I had to use more than 300 heal balls to capture cresselia. oh man. Anyways, what will I need? I guess I'll need an smeargle and a bunch of balls (no pun intended) But right now I'll go have dinner, let me know if i'll need anything else. BRB.
    I dont own an AR whoever, I was smart enough not to capture the legendaries bar Zekrom so I still have access to them.
    oh i figured out my problem. apparently the chatots didnt have a recorded chatter sound. i dont get that though because i obviously recorded one when i rng'ed that rattata. any idea on what may have caused the chatots to lose the recorded chatter?
    Scaredy Jigglypuff, your running away?!?! >:( FIGHT ME RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW!!! BE A JIGGLYPUFF!!! >:D
    sorry Biosci I really want it male... Am I sexiest? :p
    I'll take the koffing I asked about if it is too much of a hastle to do the Tangela?

    Edit: Okay mate, I gotta go to bed, again sorry for being so picky about this. I am happy to take the Koffing instead in any case, good night :3
    Nvm. Its fine, Ive worked you enough for today. Gl in the tourney
    *exits offscreen*
    *echo* And good luck with the tourney *fades*
    GRAAAH! I just remembered what I actually wanted you for earlier! Did you already clone my Salamence?
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