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  • Hey, I saw on your thread that you were looking for gen 4 legit flawless event pokemon, so look at for them on my trade thread, I have around 16 more I have to upload (event pokemon)
    understandable... this is pretty typical of those who are good RNGers. If you ever change your mind i will always work with you!
    So... I definitely want to help you out here. you have asplendid collection of pokes dude, kudos to the hard work. However, as I mentioned before I dont really want non-redis pokes that much (unless it is something that I REALLY need). Considering this, and the fact that my poke is fully-redis and trophy case, would you be interested in trading more than one poke? I can also do credits in the shop, but I would want them @ a premium if I am not getting something i want today.
    I need specific some things on my thread, sorry for all this mess
    edit: some few pokes with ot mat are fully redis, but they are 2 o 3 pokes i think
    the unite pokemon that are not mine are the chev ot, he give me redis rights I can trade other canot, the others mons with ot luck and Jack are mine and rnging for me, and all my pokes are non redis, and the chev pokes are non redis too
    I really hoped would you like trade this gligar because I really need it for my 4th gen team, if u want i can offer a credit for it or something service,i appreciate a lot if you wanted to change it, >.< if in the future you want something from my thread.
    thanks for your attention and sorry for the inconvenience
    Starting this week they're going to be held Wednesdays @6pm est and Sundays @3pm est. Those are the only usual times that they'll be happening for the time being, it might change in the future.
    Hi Gonzo? I was wondering if you still run the bp/cp services? And is it free? Thanks for answering :)
    Good. :D

    My timezone is EST, so right now it's 1:21 in the afternoon. When would you like to trade? :p

    anyways, when do you want to trade? :D
    Your Horsea for my shiny luxury ball Electrike, in case you forgot.
    Hey Gonzo... Just want to know if you're still interested in our battle for the BW UU Tournament... If not, sorry to disturb you :3
    Hey Gonzo, finally got to see you online :) Can you battle now? if not, tell me when you can so we can arrange some time.
    Hey Gonzo, still waiting for you to battle... VM me as soon as you see me online :x
    Hey Gonzo, i'm paired up with you on the BW UU Tournament. VM me when you can battle ^^
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