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  • the only poke that i have that is not bred that you'll be even remotely interested in is eppie's shiny mew that i recently got

    Eppie's Faraway Island Mew (JAP)

    Nature: Adamant | Gender: N/A | Ability: Synchronize
    OT: Eppie | ID: 25162
    IVs: 31/30/31/9/30/31
    EVs: UT (Lv. 30)
    Current Moves: Softboiled | Transform | Counter | Metronome
    I could trade then. I would really like to do an actual trade because I don't want to run the risk of the .pkm file getting corrupted. I've had some bad experiences with that before.
    I'll take the Bold Porygon (in 4th gen) and the shiny Timid HP Rock Volcarona for the other two of the lake trio then. When can you trade?
    Awesome! I'm planning on doing Jolly Shiny Virizion next, it's frame is like 332 though! When I get my game back I'm aiming for Shiny HP Ice, also learning breeding next!
    I got hyper when I learned Gen 4 xD

    I managed to get 5 different Trophy Garden mons caught today and a Swarm Pokemon. Each of them I SR'd for the daily encounter.

    Good Night :)
    I'm not like that. I'm cranking out all the captures I can get from this spread xD
    Missed the seed somehow, I'm using a lower frame now, 12. Thats Open game normally. Then Menu > Pokemon > 1 Summary of Chatot > 11 Flips > X Button > Engage, is that 12 total or 13? I'm definately entering 1 sec in advance.
    yeh, its No keypresses though. Wish me luck! I'll get it cloned so you can have a copy as thanks.
    I have an awesome 31/31/31/2/31/31 that is 14 frames, and is 21st Nov, 2011 20:12:52, so do I start at that time, with 1 second advance, when I load infront of Cobalion, I merely flick 14 chatot summaries, close and then engage?
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