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  • Wait I don't think I understand correctly. You only asking for Heatran right?
    Scyther will be fine just for Heatran :)
    Sorry, just to confirm, I'm using this FC right?
    Black: 2150-8816-0912

    Edit: lol, looks like we missed each other again... :'D But I should be here for the next 6-7 hours, sometimes alittle AFK, but always close to the computer. I work at home :)
    Hi Gonzo, I'm going to bed in like 20 min, do you think you'll be free before then? If not trade tomorrow?
    Cheers :3

    Edit: Okay good night mate, I'll catch you tomorrow :)
    Thank you :D
    Tell me what you would like in place of the Roggenrola, if you don't see anything else I'll give a credit instead
    sure whenever you are ready :D
    I would like Hitomontop with Sucker Punch instead of Bullet Punch if possible :)
    Also Giga Drain, Dark Pulse and Nasty Plot on Nuzleaf.
    Tomorrow would be great, my new roomate has got AR so I can clone all the pokes you wanted and you wouldn't have the trouble with clone back :D Also I dunno whether you've EVed any of those yet but, no need for that now either to save you some time.
    All the best and thanks again fori doing this Gonzo :D
    I would really like it shiny if that's okay :D
    I've updated a bit, I can offer something in addition for this if you want :3 Its been a while but in my thread I have this down:
    Gonzo: Modest TRU Shaymin, Timid Shaymin, Jolly Deoxys, Quiet Porygon, Brave Roggenrola, Eppie's Mew, HP Fire Latios for Nuzleaf, Cloyster (Parshen), Hitomontop (Kapoerer) and Hoppip (Watacco)
    This is correct right?
    np :D I won't bother you again :P I'm just excited, hope you understand too :D
    All the best with school stuff!
    Oh sure mate, no rush, I was just checking my pendings :D
    Real life comes first of course :3
    Hi Gonzo :D I don't mean to rush you, but I am just confirming (following up on my pendings), we are still doing our trade right?
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