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  • Now I change method to Method 5, Stationary, I want the Impish cobalion, I have a syncer, so I add the IVs, 31 to all but "none" to Sp.Attack, then what?
    Ok cool, I did all that and got:
    Actual Settings: 30
    VCount: 60
    Timer0: C7F
    GxStat: 6
    VFrame: 6
    Seed: ABA1D5468D41066

    I changed the date too: Nov. 13 2011, 13:10:30 instead. Now what?

    Do I press Use Result in Time Finder or Close Window?
    Ok, I've chosen my game type, MAC address, I'm using 1st November 2011, 11:00:20 I know previously that there is a 1 seconds differantion, but I'll start and sweet scent anyway. When I load the game, I don't press anything until it goes past the game freak logo, and opt C-Gear off, immediately use Sweet Scent, capture the pokemon and enter the pokemon's IV range in. Then I get a result. Is this all right so far?
    Hi again Gonzo, sorry to bother, but I just wanted to say thank you for using PP Max on the moves of the pokes, that was really thoughtful :)
    Thank you so much for that Gonzo :D
    Sorry, its alittle confusing, I still owe you a credit right? Cos you didn't pick anything in place of roggenrola.
    And Hitmontop, Hoppip and Cloyster is non-redis I understand. Do I get semi for Nuzleaf?
    Many thanks again! :3
    Hi Gonzo, I remeber you wanted a modest and a timid shaymin. But I have 2 timid Shaymin, I can't remeber which one you like, can I just give you both? I have them both cloned
    Your Welcome!! :) I think I forgot they wanted Non-Shiny, but looking at the rest of their team, One Shiny doesn't matter since I spent like the past 9 hours Breeding, EVing, Leveling, and move teaching to get his team ready. xD

    To be honest, I think Heatran is like the only thing that matches what I abused my ID for xD
    Ohh dang and my friend wants it NNed as well >.< Sorry for being so picky, could you also NN it JTK?
    Oh if you can give it to me Evolved, can you teach it Bullet Bunch/Tailwind/Bug Bite?

    I can trade in a few minutes when I'm done EV Training these guys.
    I can pick up 4th as well. Can you teach Scyther Bug Bite before you give him to me and have him hold Metal Coat while trading?
    Oh I get you now xD

    Yeah, except I would like it to stay with only me and you distributing Heatran. The same will apply for Scyther. :)
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