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  • Wow hah, thank you, and yep ill be posting my trade thread later this week ^_^. I already got basics people want like shiny adamant scizor, shiny DW impish gliscor, Shiny modest rotom, shiny naive infernape, jolly terrakion and a few others I can't name off the top of my head.
    Well i did everything correct there but i think the only thing i actually screw up on is around the timing part and seed etc.
    Oh, hm...guess he might be inactive, then. Looks like I'll need a new distributor, then, and that's fine, you can get the Zekrom from me.

    And as for Amoonguss, sure, that works. Good enough. :D As for the details:

    Gender: Male
    Shiny: Yes
    Nature: Sassy
    Ability: Effect Spore (no choice, unless the DW ability exists)
    IV's: 31/x/31/31/31/0

    (I hope I don't miss anything)
    Ok, and thank you ^_^. I'll make my trade thread tuesday, as I cant access my actual cpu. Also, then umm can you make a bold poliwag.(iv's flawless), sometime later this week?
    That'd be cool ^_^. Now i have to figure out what are the pokemon people are wanting at the moment. I'll message you with the bp's when I get ideas. Also nob question, but how to put images up? I don't want to make a trade thread, and not have sprites ready.
    Thanks a bunch man! You just traded me my first good pokemon. Mind if I friend you?
    By the way my FC is 3525 2029 8928
    Also can you please be the one to start the trade? I'm new at this.
    Hah, and thank you. I was thinking of starting my own trade thread, but currently I can't download the rng reporter, and I have only like 13 rng'd mons whoms distribution right i do not no :p
    That's fine, non C-Gear is much easier than C-Gear regardless. Well, as for frame 1 seeds, I tried to do frame 2+ seeds but my PID always messes up for some reason, so as always, Chatots to the rescue.

    And cool, take your time, again. No hurries. :) This future Chandelure should be useful at some point for VGC 2012. If I had a third credit, I'd ask you if you'd do a BP on Amoonguss, but I don't, so I'll just stick to those two I listed.
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