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  • hello user: soul_survivor.

    The Man They Don't Pay To Host A Huge-Complex-Team-Tournament aka Zebraiken, host of the Smogon Premier League 6, has announced that the two of us shall have a game of Pokemon under the format of Omega Ruby / Alpha Sapphire Smogon Doubles.
    Hello Laga. I'm also fairly free after I arrive home from college. So Saturday/Sunday are my best times to play. GMT-4
    this is hands down the best thing Laga has ever said
    not a contest when 80% of the rest is 'youre so bad at mons' or ':]'
    hey, what is the best way to contact snakesonaplane for spl? perhaps could you tell him i hangout in PS (doubles room) and irc (#doubles) during american nights
    hey, we're paired for spl week 2. I'm gmt+1, available mostly evenings and nights. From my side we can play anyday from wednesday on really but I prefer weekends. How about Saturday evening / night my time?
    rhode island wasn't small, it's that half of the convention center wasn't even used because there was so little attendance. and yeah patt's gotta go or he gay.
    we should try to get into tcg for (at least) 2014. idk if we can rack up enough money for decent decks for 2013. and yeah, you gotta ask your mom about va and nj. btw, where was this confirmed i recently checked pkmn website and 2013 was grayed out
    Thanks! I am satisfied, but not overly. It's annoying I lost to luck rather then being outplayed, but hax does have to happen. Yes, I will be a Master next year, hopefully I'll get a bit better by then to keep up with the generally increased level of skill
    Thanks! It looks like I'll have a tough run, so I'm praying about it. I made my goal when I got top cut anyway.
    yo summer time, come over here and help me pick out parts for new computer when my moms here. she needs you here to be sure that you know how to do all this stuff. cos if i just tell her, jeudy can make us a computer if we buy parts, she's gonna be like, no craig. we're going to a professional. so yeah, be here summer time and we can buy stuff. or something
    yo swaggies. i'm about to just buy like od parts and have you make it. do you know how to run like hardware and software checks? cos like i can call you up instead of going to a store and paying like 200 dollars for stuff.
    idk if i'm gonna get it. cos black/white 2 and then black ops 2 (please get that cod. just get the cod's from treyarch from now on. they're the only good ones.) oh and i gotta save for a new computer+games. gonnamake a kind of transiition to pc gaming. gonna get minecraft, team fortress 2 (free), league of leagends (also free), diablo 3, and some other stuff.
    but bl2 already came out? or is that just xbox. i saw someone do a review on it on youtube. he probably got an early copy.
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