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  • idk if i'm gonna get it. cos black/white 2 and then black ops 2 (please get that cod. just get the cod's from treyarch from now on. they're the only good ones.) oh and i gotta save for a new computer+games. gonnamake a kind of transiition to pc gaming. gonna get minecraft, team fortress 2 (free), league of leagends (also free), diablo 3, and some other stuff.
    but bl2 already came out? or is that just xbox. i saw someone do a review on it on youtube. he probably got an early copy.
    oh alright. i hope there's new pokemon in new game, but there won't be besides new kyurem forms. i assume they will make next vgc ubers but kyurem b/w formes will be banned. and others i'm too lazy tho

    but yeah. idk, i want to experiment because i just get bored with seeing really standard teams, regardless if they work or not. it's not that i don't like them, i just get bored with them.
    mamoswine? hitmontop?

    i'm thinking about running like encore/fo infernape, agility/twave/tbolt/baton zapdos, bp to mamoswine or something. idk. i want to experiment with different thigns
    Got an AP Exam next week and have to bring my grades back up. Dropped significantly in 2 classes but I raised in like 3 or something. idk

    Gotta start team building sometime soon, been playing a lot of Minecraft (not within past week though, I've been studying) so yeah. Oh and Patt said make his team for (hopefully) nats
    i'm trying to focus (sash) on my school work right now. so i'm probably not going to be playing pokemon for a while. i'll definitely practice a month or so earlier. doing terrible in school
    Yeah. Patt said that if it's after school ends, chances are we can go. Only thing really holding us back is Patt's grades. So like um wtf.
    naggy you better get your job already. you don't do anything other than track. might as well make some extra money so you can save for games and tcg stuff.
    ye. i know. i don't even have my working papers yet tho. we can start doin it competitively next year tcg. we can practice it every friday at the library if you get your neokaru friends into it
    Haven't been testing recently. I've just been building a team that I believe will do well. I'm not making a team and just going right ahead and playing. I didn't test out teams for vgc until my most recent VGC team
    Hey, when can we trade? You said you needed to find your 4th Gen game, did you?
    rofl I have so many secondaries. I can do ike ditto money matches too :D ike used to be my low tier main before he got moved to mid tier.
    The BV isn't necessarily a good battle. Just one with a comical amount of hax, all of which was in my favor. Battle was basically over on turn one. I have another BV of me beating a near 1700 rank battler with no d/c. My Sunny Day beat his auto-Rain. I'll send you that BV# too, since it was truly competitive and right down to the wire.
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