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  • i'd love it, searching for that by 1 month.
    u need something from my pokes for it?^^
    (Latios hp fire, gliscor full evd flawless shiny, heatran hp grass naive, rotom hp fire best iv spread, ecc)
    Could I put them in my trade thread? I want to know this 'cause there's a lot fo free pokemon with the OT Infi and Mat. If I could, what are the redis rights of them?
    Can you trade now? If yes, use this White FC: 5414 9399 0650
    I'll meet you in the Wifi Room
    Because that's not an actual Wifi thread, it's a Social Group where I listed my stuff. I don't really trade at all any more. Only when I need things I can't get.
    Dad's old job acquired him points or something with one of the hotels there and it was enough for 2 day/night stay.
    I beat OmegaDonut as last year's LCQ :p
    I did :D! I made top 9 nationals, 31st in worlds. I didn't plan ahead for World's so I just used my Nationals team. DON'T DO THAT, the gameplay is WAY different.

    Yeah, the tickets were like $65 and we got a hotel for free.
    The LCQ last year was pretty small comparatively speaking due to the cost yeah.
    It cost me and my family maybe $600. For plane tickets, and food.
    I went to last year's in Kona.
    That's how it is in Hawaii, well anywhere for that matter. I've never met anyone around here that takes it as seriously, or anything xD!
    Ah, I see. Well we pretty much moved for the same reasons, and my dad got a job offer here as well, so we took it.

    Because I am planning on moving to South Korea beginning of next year, if everything works out correctly. So I will be attending the VGCs there. :D!
    Ah for work?
    I went last year, it was great fun! Next year should be even better! I doubt I'll be there unless if I make it through the Korean VGC tourney :P
    Awesome!!! You'll be able to get to the LCQ next year easily! I live on Oahu. (wooo?)
    Was it your choice to move there, or was it due to family?
    Im coming to wifi and remember to clone my pikachu and give me the original one.

    P.S. "My atm"? you mean "My eye atm"
    I can't im using a iPad....go to my NEW shop and just go to game information and copy my Black FC its simple..

    Ok JOE's DW sceptile, doesn't it come UT?

    And CMT for eppie's Mew.
    FC is in my shop, tell me when your in wifi..oh yea im not really interested but CMT for eppie's Japanese shiny Mew.
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