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  • auguri(?)
    (sono un user della chat ita e girando ho visto che era il tuo compleanno e che ti ricordavo sono passato a salutare)
    The 30th of July? It sounds cool. Is it ok if we play at 10.30 pm?
    Sounds good to me.
    Also be careful, when you want to answer, clic on "Comment" on the right. If you just use the post command, I won't be notified.
    We are paired for the UU open. I am GMT +2 (and I am assuming you are italian, so within the same time zone)

    When do you want to play? I am free most of the time, usually the afternoon or evening. I'd rather play the 30th of July or earlier, I will be in some kind of vacation from August 1st. Otherwise you can pick any day you want.
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