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  • hey, i think we're pretty much done concerning tutoring stuff (i think the round ended yesterday). it was great learning from you. i'll fill out the tutor evaluation form in the next day or two, probably tomorrow - i've been really busy lately, so sorry about that.
    I've been around for most of the day, and I let you know this would be my day off of work this week. I have a short day at work on Thursday, and work mid-day shifts throughout the rest of the week, so anytime you happen to be on in the evenings for the rest of this week, shoot me a VM, and we can do our battle.
    hey sorry for the bullshit that I pulled in yesterday's tour, I was just really mad about the luck etc. but it's not your fault and I definitely wouldn't expect you to give up a win in the quarterfinals of tour when you're fighting for a top 16 spot. no hard feelings
    Sup BKC, we're paired for #pokemon tournament. I can play now, if you can't i won't be avaiable until this week end
    I have to work tomorrow, from 5:30am - (roughly) 1pm. Tuesday I am off of work (my only day off all week). Let me know if you think you might have any free time on Tuesday. I should be free all day that day.
    Should I assume you won't be battling me today, despite the fact you still have activity on the site (and have had activity for at least the past one hour)? If you can't/won't/don't want to battle today, just say so. Otherwise, let me know when you will battle.
    I'm home from work now. Let me know when/if you want to get our battle out of the way.
    come to po please my name is one night in ibiza :3
    i need someone who can play bw2 ou :)
    I work from 5:30am - 1:00pm today. Let me know if you will be frr to battle later on today, or not.
    I'll be around most of the evening. Shoot me a VM if you come back online.
    Sure, PO2 would work. I don't have the best of connections so I prefer PS since I can reconnect, but I'm sure that PO2 would work fine.

    EDIT: Oh fuck I deleted my team by accident. Whoopsie.
    Tomorrow is fine, but I will be leaving for work around 10:30am, and won't be back until (roughly) 6:30pm. Anytime after that would be just fine though.
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