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  • Ello, opponent for round 2 of the B and W tourney
    5-6 pm, 9-11 pm during Pacific standard time
    Username: Metal Liversss
    Great game. I misclicked with my Ludicolo and used Rain Dance instead of Ice Beam, if I hadn't, I would have OHKOd your Scizor. I really got lucky in the end. Thanks and I'd love to battle you again sometime.
    GG man. That was fun. Notice how I used all UU's? I am always resorting to play people in OU because I can never find a damn UU. GG though. Did you have Sp.Def Evs in the Pert? It took that HpGrass great!! Any your Heatran outsped my Moltres by 1 Speed stat. GG though.
    GG man. Sorry I took so long to say it, was typing up something in the Blacklist thread regarding an earlier battle x]
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