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  • Thanks for the offer, but I was helped shortly after posting that request. I've actually already abused the ID and caught the Pokemon I wanted.

    Thanks again.
    When EV training,once you have your specific set of EV, go to the option and turn the battle scene off(this pushes the EV training soo much faster), and attempt to use Power Items (Subway 16-32BP) and Pokevirus, power item gives you 4 EV points in the stats you wish,along with double virus,it multiplies. giving you 8. When you need to count,try having a at least 2 attack moves if you can, since where you usually EV will probably have more than 2 species. max out your attack and use it as a counter for each species with different Evs. for example, if i were training on a route with say, rattata&pidgey,which gives me 1 speed ev each, and furret, which gives 2 atks,i think. i would use attack 1 on the rattatas and pidgeys,which attack 2 on the furret as counter. now remember,you need to know your math in which you should know how many EV does each species,when calculated with power items and pokevirus,should you get. I can EV any specific set within 10 minutes with this. Hope this help
    Yeah, I have an EV trained copy if you want that. You have a specific moveset you want for it?
    No problem, it was good to figure out how to do entralink RNGing and why I'll never be doing it again c:
    Okay got it done, I got Adamant in the end, I don't really remember if you wanted adamant or jolly more, but I've been at this all day and I'm tired and settled ;-;
    I'm trying to get it done actually, just having a few troubles but I should have it done soon.
    Like I said, it's fine! I don't want you to buy another game just so I can get a Lucario o.o

    But I do wonder how Biosci is going to abuse it without access to the DW. He must've fixed that recently :P

    Thanks for the offer!
    Hey, if you're still looking for someone to Entralink abuse that Lucario, I would love to! I see Biosci's VM but he doesn't even have access to the DW so I'm not sure how he would abuse it for you...

    But if you found someone else, or Biosci somehow does have access to the DW, that's fine! :D
    I never said I didn't believe you :P

    Sorry, I don't know what's wrong. I checked on 3 different browsers and they all were Eevees (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome). Do you use any of those browsers, or are you on a Mac?
    Oh, wait. I just checked, the sprites are all correct. Idk why you see Kangaskhans. :/

    Thanks for letting me know, I'll change those sprites now xD

    And thanks. I just have to finish adding all of my pokemon :/
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